Is This The Last Unicorn?

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PostSat May 08, 2010 2:31 am » by Dracos1

I can hit mega lotto faster than cashing big foot or unicorn film, all this might be ancient dreams people had and told someone who told someone else and then it became a story, little after that it was a myth and now thousand years later we see a unicorn lol. lets talk about the wall street crash better ^^
I'm going to get a video camera and catch the power puff girls in ten min I be here where the truth can always be found.
slushpup: I have always appreciated all the great info you bring to this site. whenever I see your name on a topic I know you've done your homework always very insightful full of links and much background on the subject. but this is really out of character from what I've seen before.
Imagine how lucky is this person just go to a place point and click and shazan he got a mythical creature from story books on film just there ^^
I seen some ufo videos with same style but at least there was a light or something that can explain the catch this is garbage.

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PostSat May 08, 2010 2:36 am » by TheDuck

At least he brought it for discussion Dracos1, gotta be video manipulation of some sort imo, I know little about that sort of thing but would go with that, still... he/she did a very good job... - Premium E-liquid

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PostSat May 08, 2010 3:06 pm » by Willease

What went from an interesting video to a full and I'm guessing time consuming essay on the history of the unicorn, was kinda a refreshing change from the everyday mundane. I also spend a great deal of time analyzing video and photographs, and for the life of me, I can't say one way or the other...thus Slushpup did a good job.

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PostSat May 08, 2010 3:29 pm » by Wolfbane7272

slushpup wrote:Is This The Last Unicorn?

Is This The Last Unicorn?
Is this proof that the mythical animal called the Unicorn is actually fact and not just in fairy tales?

When I saw this video I thought there is no way it could be anything more then an illusion. I first thought that it goes by so quick, it could have been a stick of something on the rock wall behind the "HORSE". But after I isolated the section of the sighting and slowed it right down and stole stills from it, it becomes apparent that the horn on the animals head moves with the creature.. So I have to say with prejudice aside. I couldn't debunk this one. What are your ideas???? What is it??? I have no idea?



good post slush i think there is another video that wa circulated but it had the unicorn in a field or meadow , this one has me stumped ,as the pixels dont seem to change ,well as far as i can tell , if its fake then its a great job, if its not then thats pretty awesome , i thought the scenery there was nice as well too ,is that germany ? mystical lore aside it could be probable that a horse with a horn could exist and has yet to be catalogued,as we have not fully explored the entire planet yet.,lol i mean the areas that hard to get at .



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PostSat May 08, 2010 3:46 pm » by Lilith

lol the guy in the video says: "It's a cow or something" :lol:

anyways, cool find :flop:

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PostSat May 08, 2010 3:47 pm » by Wolfbane7272

lilith wrote:lol the guy in the video says: "It's a cow or something" :lol:

anyways, cool find :flop:

lol must be a cow on the 10 minute trainer then lol ,thats funny


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PostSat May 08, 2010 4:10 pm » by Crazynutsx

hmm i horse with a horn on its head interesting ........

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PostSat May 08, 2010 10:02 pm » by Harryjackson

Very good post,thanks for posting. The Unicorn the fire horse.

The Unicorn.

The power of the unicorn rests in its singularity.There is only ever one of them.
This makes it the object of passionate quest,seen as the greatest prize of all - enlightenment and spiritual transformation.
The unicorn is decribed as a small horse,but it is a feature of its fabulous history that it changes shape with time.The mythology and symbolism of the unicorn dates from earliest times and is virtually world wide. In India Brahmins call it the Cartazonon,it wanders alone and solitary.According to Vertomannus,travelling in Arabia in 1503,said it could be seen in the temple of Mecca.
The unicorn is drawn to water,its horn called the Alicorn,is able to detect and counteract poison,and was greatly sought after by kings.It can only be captured a certain way,the roman writer Mysiologus gives an account of this,decribing it as the Holy Hunt or Virgin Capture.
Sitting a virgin in a solitary place in the forest,frequented by the unicorn,which no sooner perceives her than it runs up to her and laying its head in her lap,falles aleep.Then the hunters come and capture it and take it to the kings palace.
Its chief association was with Christ,who is the only begotten son of God.It also has the aspect of Christ who ' raised up the horn of salvation'. The horn as an antidote to poison is seen as representing Christ's power to destroy sin.
The unicorn is a symbol of fierceness,it also represents royalty,power and strength.
In the west the unicorn is almost always depicted as white or silver in colour and is strongly associated with the moon.Moon goddesses,Artemis and Diana,chariot was drawn by eight unicorns.Its also prominent in heraldry with the lion as representative of both solar and lunar energies.

Now,in Falkland palace there was a bed given the King James VI,from India Brahmins gave him it.Brahama means knowledge.

There is only ever one,enlightenment and spiritual transformation.
Wanders alone.Brahmins call it the cartazonon.Its strong fierce,impossible to capture.Arabs say it was to be seen in the temple of mecca.Unicorn is drawn to water.Its horn is called the Alicorn,its able to counteract poison.Can only be captured in a certain way,the holy hunt or virgin capture.
There is 7 tapestries made arround the 14th century,by an unkown artist,called The Hunt for the Unicorn.Those tapestries,the boy king James IV acquired them as a man.King James loved the colour red,i note red is very prevelent on all the 7 tapestries,but i also know that red is the colour with the longest wavelength visible to the human eye,and there are many shades of red.I looked into this red and found its infact tyrian purple.Robes of ceaser and of cardinals and symbol of power.

Some red stuff.

A few thing about the colour red.
Red longest wavelengths of light discernible by the human eye.
Its the colour of psychology.
Heat, energy,blood.
Lust,anger,passion,love.also beauty.
The word red comes from old english word Read.( interesting when the hunt tapestries are to be read)
Roses,ripe fruit e.g. apples cherries.
Sun,Sky at sunset.

Health as pale skin= ill health.
Native american indians Redskins,redhead,red man.
Sin,guilt,embaras ( red face )
satan wearing red.
prostetute,red light district.
Red planet Mars,Roman myth god of war.
Third eye.
English heraldry,re called gules.
King James V the infant king loved red clothing,but sometimes we look at the colour red and only see red.
There are many reds shades.The red the King loved was infact tyrian purple, a colour between red and blue.
Purple is associated with royality. Roman emperors wore tyrian purple.
One of the seven stars of the Pleiades,Pleione is sometimes called the purple Pleione,because being a fast spinning star,
it has a purple hue caused by its blue white colour being obscured by a spinning ring of electrically excited Red hydrogen gas.
Just a few facts on the colour red,iv been studyin a series 7 of old tapestries called The Hunt for the unicorn, and i notice Red, clothing.

Yes thats correct, Rockefella bought them in the 1920s or 30s,im not sure of date,and he founded the cloisters museum in new york,this is where there are to date.I have managed to download all seven images of the tapestries,but not very good quality,but i can see signs in them.
On one of them i can see the unicorn fenced and lying down,it looks like its bleeding,but i use to have two gardens on the hill and grew many plants and greenhouse plants too.The tree is a pomogranite tree and the fruit are dripping onto the unicorn,now the unicorn is also a representaion of Christ,and the pomogranite is one of the 7 sacred fruits or species,the pomogranite represents rightcheousness.
I also note on the 5th tapestrie,the maiden is no friend of the unicorn,she has tricked it and led the dogs to it,and she must have betrayed it.I would love to have better image quality of the all,so i can study them more,but internet i cant find any of great quality.I also note on one that there is a place i have been there,its in Falkland,i know the exact spot,Falkland is the home of the king James VI family for many generations.
I will print out the picture and go back there soon.I love history and myth,as i believe there is Truths hidden in those stories and art works and many other things arround us in every day life.

Thanks again for posting this.

p.s The Unicorn is No Myth. Its real.

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PostSun May 09, 2010 12:36 am » by NamelessGhoul

Beautiful thread, Slush.
hats off Image

Upload to


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PostSun May 09, 2010 12:54 am » by Constabul

Upload to

Tho it is slightly a stretch to link this video to this topic. but watch all the way thru and you may get it,...

not to mention this is a great series. :sunny:

yeah freaking unicorn, i bet the one who took the pic just missed Tom Cruise and Tim Curry showing up to duel over Mia Sara.....

On a side note about Legend tho....
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