Is Wikipedia Failing? Will they Become Corporate Controlled?

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PostSun Dec 20, 2009 1:21 am » by jetxvii

According to a few articles I have read Wikipedia has cut it's Non profit staff down to about 35 people, they are struggling to pay the Servers, and have now started asking for donations from people that use their "free information system".

I have to ask if this is a good thing or not, while undoubtedly Wikipedia has had it's run ins with being a reliable source of Information, also run ins with "False Claims" from people pretending to be professors or scholars just to change or delete files ( in one occasion 20,000 files) one thing is for sure if you need to know something general about a subject, you can usually find it on Wikipedia.

Is the control of Wikipedia possibly falling into corporate hands / sponsors going to effect the integrity (or what is left of it) of information? Is Wikipedia going to survive much longer with kind donations?

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PostSun Dec 20, 2009 1:21 am » by jetxvii

Wikipedia's tin-cup approach wears thin
The nonprofit website needs to raise funds, but it resists selling ads.
March 10, 2008|Alana Semuels, Times Staff Writer ... ikipedia10

SAN FRANCISCO — The new headquarters of one of the world's most popular websites is 3,000 square feet of rented space furnished with desks and chairs bought on the cheap from EBay and Craigslist.

A sheet of printer paper taped to the door says the office belongs to the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that runs Wikipedia, the online almanac of anything and everything that users want to chronicle, from Thomas Aquinas to Zorba the Greek.

With about 300 million page views a day, the site by some estimates could be worth many hundreds of millions of dollars if it sold advertising space. It doesn't. Wikipedia's business plan is, basically, to hold out a tin cup whenever it runs low on funds, which is very often.

When it comes to money, "we are about as unsophisticated as we could possibly be," Executive Director Sue Gardner said as she swept up Styrofoam packing nuts in the office, the foundation's home since it relocated in January from St. Petersburg, Fla. "It's time for us to grow up a little bit."

Growing up can be hard to do.

Wikipedia, the "encyclopedia anyone can edit," is stuck in a weird Internet time warp, part grass-roots labor of love, part runaway success.

A global democracy beloved by high school term paper writers and run largely by volunteers, the site is controlled for now by people who seem to view revenue with suspicion and worry that too much money -- maybe even just a little money -- would defile and possibly ruin the biggest encyclopedia in the history of the written word.

"Imagine if the other top 10 websites in the world, like Yahoo or Google, tried to run their budgets by asking for donations from 14-year olds," said Chad Horohoe, a 19-year-old college student in Richmond, Va., who was until recently a Wikipedia site administrator, one of the 1,500 or so people authorized to delete pages or block users from making changes to articles. "It isn't sustainable."

Looking at it one way, it's cheap to run Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation's other endeavors, which include an online compendium of quotations and a multilingual dictionary and thesaurus. The annual budget is $4.6 million, more than half of it dedicated to 300 computer servers and other equipment. On the other hand, the foundation has a tough time raising a few million dollars. The last fundraising campaign featured a video of co-founder Jimmy Wales literally wringing his hands in desperation.

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An appeal from Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales ... get=Appeal

Today, I am asking you to make a donation to support Wikipedia.
I started Wikipedia in 2001, and over the past eight years, I've been amazed and humbled to see hundreds of thousands of volunteers join with me to build the largest encyclopedia in human history.

Wikipedia isn't a commercial website. It's a community creation, entirely written and funded by people like you. More than 340 million people use Wikipedia every month - almost a third of the Internet-connected world. You are part of our community.

I believe in us. I believe that Wikipedia keeps getting better. That's the whole idea. One person writes something, somebody improves it a little, and it keeps getting better, over time. If you find it useful today, imagine how much we can achieve together in 5, 10, 20 years.

Wikipedia is about the power of people like us to do extraordinary things. People like us write Wikipedia, one word at a time. People like us fund it. It's proof of our collective potential to change the world.

We need to protect the space where this important work happens. We need to protect Wikipedia. We want to keep it free of charge and free of advertising. We want to keep it open – you can use the information in Wikipedia any way you want. We want to keep it growing – spreading knowledge everywhere, and inviting participation from everyone.

The Wikimedia Foundation is the non-profit organization I created in 2003 to operate, grow, nurture, and protect Wikipedia. For ten million US dollars a year and with a staff of fewer than 35 people, it runs the fifth most-read website in the entire world. I'm asking for your help so we can continue our work.

Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet has free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s where we’re headed. And with your help, we will get there.

Thank you for using Wikipedia. You're part of this story: please make a donation today.

Jimmy Wales

Founder, Wikipedia

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PostSun Dec 20, 2009 1:44 am » by Sceptilief

I think I'll be making a donation in January. I love wikipedia :love: .

I've often had the argument with people over the validity of wikipedia based research. Many I talk to view it with suspicion and distrust; yet I make the point: If you were going to do research using an encyclopedia, what would you trust more: One written by a few select individuals behind closed doors and published once every once and awhile, or an encyclopedia that is updated in real time and whose information is checked and double checked by the world over.

With the exception of a few pranks and idiots, I don't think there is a better place to get information; democratic truthful information.

Thanks for posting this Jet.

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PostSun Dec 20, 2009 4:27 am » by jetxvii

@ Scept.

the first article was from 2008, now it must be pretty grim because the message from the founder at least from what I noticed just put up that message.

I like Wikipedia also, every once in a while you will get the occasional bug but for the most part you get the story as it should be. like the 9/11 conspiracy while I don't appreciate the fact that they have the BS story present they also gave a different page to the conspiracy side and while we have sites like you tube that ban places and articles of information you have Wikipedia that doesn't. I can throw my respect towards anyone that allows a different side to the story...

we will see about the donations, I will throw them a few bones probably after Christmas though

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PostSun Dec 20, 2009 7:44 am » by Lordgaga

They asked for a donation last year as well, and I donate. they really deserve it. :flop:
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PostSun Dec 20, 2009 9:00 am » by Pindz

They ARE Corporate Controlled :nwo:

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PostSun Dec 20, 2009 7:37 pm » by Futuju

pindz wrote:They ARE Corporate Controlled :nwo:

arent we all controlled by the corporate world?

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PostMon Dec 21, 2009 9:17 pm » by Thekohser

While the nefarious manipulations within the Wikipedia "encyclopedia" have been known to quite a few for quite some time, it appears that the media and virtually all of the general public have not sussed out the nefarious goings-on at the Wikimedia Foundation itself. That's why the Internet provides us with the opportunity to expose organizations like the WMF for what they are:

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PostMon Dec 21, 2009 9:37 pm » by NamelessGhoul

pindz wrote:They ARE Corporate Controlled :nwo:


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