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PostThu Dec 12, 2013 4:10 pm » by *WillEase*

RIP ISON: Scientists finally declare ‘comet of the century’ dead after sun's radiation caused the icy ball to fall apart.

The optimistically-named ‘comet of the century’ has been pronounced dead after being the victim of a close encounter with the sun.

Comet ISON, which excited astronomers as it zipped within 730,000 miles of the sun on Thanksgiving Day, was pronounced dead at a conference yesterday.

Astronomers who had followed the ice ball mourned the loss of the sky show that once promised to light up during December.


Had ISON survived it would have provided good naked-eye viewing in early December for the Northern Hemisphere, astronomers said.

Nasa had aimed several telescopes and spacecraft at the comet to watch its close brush with the sun, only to find it missing after the encounter.

Comets are balls of dust and ice from the formation of the solar system billions of years ago.

ISON was on its first trip after leaving the Oort cloud on the distant fringes of the solar system.

Unlike comets that are ‘hardened’ by several trips around the sun, ISON just couldn't survive its maiden voyage, Mr Battams said.

ISON, about half a mile wide, was tiny and probably smaller than originally estimated.

As the comet neared its closest approach to the sun, astronomers had a sense of loss.

Battams called watching it in those final hours ‘a process of heartbreak.’

ISON wasnamed after the International Scientific Optical Network, used by a pair of Russian astronomers to detect the comet in September 2012, but it officially is known as C/2012 S1, which indicates when it was discovered.

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PostFri Dec 13, 2013 12:43 am » by Shaggietrip

I am still being patient. I see others are in the same mind set . Not that far off from some conclusive evidence, I hope. Any way here is a vid and a link to follow.

nemisis maturity

Upload to

For all info and latest updates from Bruce Gary...

Edit: Please understand I am not saying Ison is intact but fragments of it may have. While others have written if off 100%


Remember when a Harp was a good thing.


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