Israel deploys tanks along Egyptian frontier

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PostMon Jun 18, 2012 7:27 pm » by Flecktarn

Israel deployed tanks along its frontier with Egypt yesterday after gunmen killed an Israeli construction worker in a cross-border ambush.
Three militants, who crossed into Israel's southern desert from Egypt's increasingly lawless Sinai Peninsula, targeted a two-vehicle convoy carrying workers building a border fence with a roadside bomb, rifle-fire and a rocket-propelled grenade. A passenger in one of the vehicles was killed after it overturned, while a second was badly wounded.
Israeli forces swiftly arrived at the scene and engaged the militants in a gun battle, killing two of them. The third escaped, an Israeli army spokesman said.
The incident, which mirrored a similar attack a year ago that claimed eight Israeli lives, heightened fears in Israel that Egypt has allowed the Sinai to become a haven for militants to attack the Jewish state.
Ehud Barak, the Israeli defence minister, demanded that the winner of Egypt's presidential election take action to end the threat.
"We see here a disturbing deterioration in Egyptian control in the Sinai," he said.
"Whoever wins, we expect them to take responsibility for all of Egypt's international commitments, including the peace treaty with Israel and the security arrangements in the Sinai, swiftly purring an end to these attacks."
According to the Israeli army, last year's attack was planned by Palestinian militants from Gaza, who are able to cross into Sinai through subterranean tunnels that Egypt has policed less assiduously since last year's revolution.
Gaza-based groups are also blamed for a number of rocket attacks on southern Israel from Sinai. While they have mostly acted independently, Israeli officials accused Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood of ordering a rocket strike on two of its towns last week - the first time the movement has ever been linked to such an attack.
The Muslim Brotherhood has said it will abide by the terms of Egypt's 1979 peace treaty with Israel, seen as vital to regional security, but has demanded that clauses restricting the number of Egyptian troops in the Sinai region be revised.
Israel has said it is willing to allow additional Egyptian troops into the Sinai, which it occupied between 1967 and 1982, on an ad hoc basis but remains firmly opposed to a formal revision of the treaty.
Israel's deployment of tanks close to the border is in breach of the treaty, but it is understood that an informal agreement reached with Egypt last year has allowed both sides to step up their military presence close to the frontier.

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PostMon Jun 18, 2012 8:18 pm » by Willease

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Terrorists who crossed over from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula opened fire on civilians in Israel on Monday. The civilians were working on a border security fence. One of the Israeli workers was killed. Two of the attackers were killed in a gunfight with Israeli troops that responded to the assault. The army is now searching for three or four other terrorists who they believed helped carry out the attack before escaping inside Israel.

The incident underscored the growing lawlessness in the Sinai desert since longtime Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was toppled from power last year. The deteriorating condition in the Sinai is a growing security problem for the Israeli government. Israeli Defense Minister Ehund Barak has said that the government hopes Egypt’s new elected government will improve the situation.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak responded today by telling reporters, “We are looking forward to the results of the elections in Egypt, and hope to see whoever is elected by the Egyptian people to follow the international commitments of Egypt, part of them the Israeli-Egyptian peace as well as the security commitments in the Sinai desert.”

The Trumpet has predicted that the new Egyptian government will come under the control of Islamists and that Israel’s Sinai border with Egypt will only get more unstable. For more information on where this growing instability is leading, read our are free booklet Jerusalem in Prophecy.

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PostMon Jun 18, 2012 8:31 pm » by The57ironman

willease666 wrote:

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Two of the attackers were killed in a gunfight with Israeli troops that responded to the assault.


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.....2 down , 499,998 to go... :peep:

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