Israel to pay UN compensation of US $10m

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PostFri Jan 08, 2010 7:23 pm » by Snutz

proto wrote:
snutz wrote:So your logic is if we broke international sanctions before, we can just keep on doing it.

no ,my logic is that that paper not worth the ink on it because all the major powers
all ready broke it in various ways .

snutz wrote:As for the arms Israel has to buy from us with that money, alot of our military technologies are now produced in China if my memory serves me. If this is the case, then we send money to Israel, funded by taxpayers, then get a little kickback so we can buy our own weapons from yet another country, we basically just play middleman .... at the taxpayers expense!

lots of components produced in china but u.s is still a major producer,
Major arms industry corporations in the United States :
AAI Corporation
BAE Systems Inc.
Bushmaster Firearms International
Colt's Manufacturing Company
General Atomics
General Electric (primarily through GEAE)
General Dynamics
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Raytheon Corporation
THOR Global Defense Group
United Technologies (primarily through Pratt and Whitney, Smith and Wesson Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation) ... _by_nation

The United States is the overall top supplier of weapons. The United States is also the top supplier of weapons to the developing world, accounting for around 36% of worldwide weapons sales, followed by Russia, United Kingdom, Germany and China.[6][7] ... _by_nation

snutz wrote:Let sovereign nations take care of themselves, FUCK interventionism!
The taxpayers have the real power, and if the majority doesn't want this aid leaving the country, then by all means it shouldn't!

that's cool , i don't think my opinion relevant on this ,this is a matter for u.s citizens
to discuss internally among themselves imo , if the u.s gov will stop aid fund to israel
i personally would be ok with that .

Thanks for the info and links on U.S. arms manufacturing!

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PostFri Jan 08, 2010 8:14 pm » by Phaeton

Its obviously an extremely inhumane situation, and if one follows history its quite clear
Israel has the moral lowground in this question, to say the least. The essence is, no matter how you twist and turn the facts, Israel is the occupier. With that honor comes certain responsibilities. Like respecting the Geneva convention, actually adhering to international law, like other countries.

I mean, need I say phosphor on civs, bulldozing villages, Berlin style walls, checkpoints, airraids, snipers? The words of the Israelian political body are very clear, like lowsix pointed out. Indeed, a parallel could be drawn very easily with a certain national socialist movement from 'back in the day'. Thesame movement that permitted, or was the catalyst of the creation of this Israeli state by the way. Anyone ever read anything about 'The transfer agreement'? You should.

Lowsix, respect for the way you put down your words. I read the discussion on this subject, just had to sign up..
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PostFri Jan 08, 2010 8:25 pm » by Proto

concrete wrote:On whos terms?

this is why we need to sit and negotiate ,to decide the terms , Israel will most likely
agree to settle on the 67 borders , no problems so far .
the major problems are jerusalem and the right of return , for this issues more creative solutions will have to be work out .

but the problem is that the Palestinians themselves split in our days , so israel
will negotiate with the fatah , the hamas don't care what the fatah think ,hamas wont
respect any agreement signed with the fatah ,but hamas is not even willing to speak
with israel , for hamas resistance by force and israel destruction is the ideology , so again i ask how can israel talk with someone that is not willing to talk ?

concrete wrote:When Israelis realise that they are no better than the Afrikaans, that may be a start.

that statement is untrue , most Israelis don't think they are better then anyone, we are all
humans ,stop trying to present us as racists ,we are not .

concrete wrote:Placing blame, is not the way to peace.

agreed lets sit and talk , oh wait the Palestinian PM doesn't ready to sit and
talk, he rather blame Israel .

concrete wrote:Rockets don't bring peace.

tell that to the hamas and other militants in gaza ,maybe they will listen to you .

concrete wrote:Talking can be a start.

yes !! too bad abu mazan not willing to talk . not to mention the hamas .

concrete wrote:The problem is.
Who does Israel talk to?

that's good question , israel will talk with anyone who is willing to talk ,problem no one
interested at the moment.

concrete wrote:but since the elected reps of Palestine are ignored and the puppets are usless, who do you talk to first?)

i don't know , really,help a brother out , who Israel should talk to ?


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