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telocvovim wrote:some things to consider (from the talmud, the jews most important guide...)

[color=#0000BF]Some Teachings of the Jewish Talmud

Where a Jew Should Do Evil

Moed Kattan 17a: If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.


I can also copy and paste Like the fools brothers

fake Talmud quotes with no links !

They have being used centuries ago to slander the Jews and give "factual" evidence that Jews are thieves, liars, molesters and yearn for world domination.

Today, they make a comeback, especially after the last summer . Those who publish them, do so in variety of ways, from pretending to be Jews onto inflaming already inflamed anti Israelis, mainly Muslims . This kind of bigotry, lies and clever deceptions is what in the end brought about the Nazi regime, after years of racist persecutions of the Jews of Europe.

I find it amazing that common people are so easily deceit by this fabrications, sometimes people who got nothing against the Jews and aren't racist, therefore I feel it is my duty to bring them forward and say to those of you who don't know, this are nothing more then a hoax. A hoax!

Here is a small portion of them:

Erubin 21b. Whosoever disobeys the rabbis deserves death and will be punished by being boiled in hot excrement in hell.

Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God

Sanhedrin 58b. If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed.

O.K. to Cheat Non-Jews

Sanhedrin 57a . A Jew need not pay a gentile ("Cuthean") the wages owed him for work.

Jews Have Superior Legal Status

[BANNED] Kamma 37b. "If an ox of an Israelite gores an ox of a Canaanite there is no liability; but if an ox of a Canaanite gores an ox of an Israelite...the payment is to be in full."

Jews May Steal from Non-Jews

[BANNED] Mezia 24a . If a Jew finds an object lost by a gentile ("heathen") it does not have to be returned. (Affirmed also in [BANNED] Kamma 113b). Sanhedrin 76a. God will not spare a Jew who "marries his daughter to an old man or takes a wife for his infant son or returns a lost article to a Cuthean..."

Jews May Rob and Kill Non-Jews

Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a gentile ("Cuthean"), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

[BANNED] Kamma 37b. The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "exposed their money to Israel."

Jews May Lie to Non-Jews

[BANNED] Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.

Non-Jewish Children are Sub-Human

Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals.

Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.

Abodah Zarah 22a-22b . Gentiles prefer sex with cows.

Shabbath 41a. The law regulating the rule for how to urinate in a holy way is given.

Yebamoth 63a. States that Adam had sexual intercourse with all the animals in the Garden of Eden.

Yebamoth 63a. Declares that agriculture is the lowest of occupations.

Sanhedrin 55b. A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years "and a day" old).

Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

Kethuboth 11b. "When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing."

Yebamoth 59b. A woman who had intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a Jewish priest. A woman who has sex with a demon is also eligible to marry a Jewish priest.

In case you just scrolled down and missed my introduction, this is a hoax!

@ telocvovim - You smell just like your poor brother :badair:
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PooPoo, your Jew Jitsu has no effect on me, fool....ehehe

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PostSun Sep 27, 2009 2:52 am » by jetxvii

LOL Low Assumes some people are atheist... hmmm... you could have at least put a picture in your caption there low. that would have made it funny


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