It's not easy being me...I get no respect!

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newearthman wrote:
wolfbane7272 wrote:i am a firm believer in if you go looking for love you will find what suits you for the moment ,probably the most basic of needs , but not what you want in a lifetime partner . and i think you should put in that you have a son and smoke . if they dont accept you as you are and for who you are then they are not meant for you . when i met women when i was single i would tell them what i wanted ..if it was for the night i would say i want to fuck I dont want a relationship or date ,and If your down with that then cool ,if not then my apologies, lol either they tell you to fuclk off or they like the boldness, i got a little of both reactions but it didnt hurt my confidence at all , i kind of liked being that direct and upfront ,no illusions or lies .whatever you choose to do ,do it for you ,not for an ideal of what you may think everyone else wants you to be .

LOL...I don't have a son, I am the son that lives with his parents ( not for much longer). Ya honesty and confidence is the best approach.

Thanks Wolf

lol err i must have read it wrong sorry bud ,well i am sure one day you will ha! lol



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