It started with Obelisks and Pyramids. Mass mind control.

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The heart and the brain maintain a countinuous two way dialogue each influencing the others fuctioning.Althought it is not well known,the heart sends far more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart and the signals the heart send to the brain can influence perception emotional processing and higher cognitive functions. the heart also generates the strongest rhythmic electromagnetic field in the body and this actually can be measured in the brian waves of people around us. - The Heartmath institute.

The heart field is a carrier of emotional information and a mediation of bio - electromagnetic communication,within and outside the body. research shows our hearts field changes distinctly as we experience different emotions. it is registered in people's brians around us and apparently is capable of affecting cells,water and DNA studied in vitro.

Also information from Heartmath Institute.

Search study of Obelisks and electrum and vortex energy , if those who have this ancient knowledge can control our electromagnetic field,they could control our minds.

The obelisk is a way of those who follow after the system of Babylon to tell us who is really running the show.

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Some people are waking up.

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Our Mind's are powerful, Our mind's are strong.
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godsofatlantis wrote:Our Mind's are powerful, Our mind's are strong.

Obviously not powerful enough to learn how to use an apostrophe correctly!
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or maybe it is what an antenna looked like on an ancient alien satellite.

Check out the story of Osirus's body, the phallic reference seems to be pretty well correlated.

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