It Still Wasn’t Worth It, and Is More War Coming?

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PostTue May 03, 2011 11:32 pm » by Harbin

The U.S. has finally killed Osama bin Laden, the press and the administration report. Many will say this vindicates the war on terrorism, but it doesn’t.

The Wall Street Journal says, “The development capped a manhunt of more than a decade for the architect of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that left 3,000 people dead and dramatically altered U.S. foreign policy and the nation’s sense of security.”

“Manhunt”? In fact, the U.S. response to 9/11 has been a minor revolution in American statecraft toward the principles of aggressive war, nationalism and centralized executive power. Hundreds of thousands have died. Trillions have been spent. Key civil liberties have been undermined. And will the war now end? All of it? What domestic impositions and foreign occupations will remain?

Obama is absolutely right about the horrific loss that visited so many people on 9/11, including the unseen communities, families and loved ones touched by the tragedy, and we shouldn’t forget this. But even more neglected are the many who have been devastated by the U.S. government in its wars, before and after 9/11. Al-Qaeda, as Obama notes, has killed scores of Muslims throughout the world. This makes bin Laden a mass murderer of Muslims, the president correctly says. What of the scores of thousands of Muslims killed by the U.S.? What does that make our government?

Notably, Obama describes the operation that killed Osama as involving some degree of precision – at least compared to the drone attacks and all out wars that typify U.S. foreign policy, although the president didn’t say this. Had a very limited operation been all the U.S. was doing for ten years — if this was indeed something resembling a “manhunt” — there would be much less to protest, as well as less of a budget problem.

Now that Osama’s dead, if Obama does bring the troops home and end the ramping up of the national security state at home, he will deserve some credit, although that still doesn’t legitimize everything that’s happened since 9/11 – including, for example, the war with Libya, as divorced from the goal of killing bin Laden as was Bush’s adventure in Iraq. But Obama says the task of defending U.S. security is “not complete.” That would mean more war, I fear. Indeed, Senate hawks are pushing for a war in Syria, and it is unclear that Osama’s death will deter the War Party from calling for more military interventions, all under this rubric of the war on terror. But if the war on terror doesn’t end now that the main villain implicated in 9/11 is dead, does that not bring into question the war on terror’s rationale? For how can it be that this war has been worth it for killing Osama, yet the war must continue now that he’s dead? What in fact will mean the end of the war on terrorism?

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PostTue May 03, 2011 11:35 pm » by Ademu

I have no illusions that we will bring the troops home we will just shift them to a new location probably libya, oh yeah we will have to leave behind "transitional" and "reconstruction" forces in each place :vomit:

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PostWed May 04, 2011 12:51 am » by Freeyourmindnow

after Libya probably Iran and after that China

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PostWed May 04, 2011 1:01 am » by Sengine

The Police State continues as usual.....

No shampoo on the airplane, your daughter is still gonna get sexually assaulted by TSA,
they will wiretap and search whatever they want without a warrant.........



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PostWed May 04, 2011 1:37 am » by Richc

All makes sense now... They knew where Bin Ladden was for years, hell a British journalist visited Bin Ladden and interviewed him for fuck sake...

Now TPTB didn't want to kill him before as they wanted to stay in Afganistan to control the drugs trade.

And now other regions need to be invaded so they decided to finally bump Bin Ladden off so they could now say the war in Afganistan is over. ( keeping control of the drugs trade )

So now all the troops can move onto the next war...

"Theres A Storm Coming!"

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PostWed May 04, 2011 1:59 am » by Slith

Interesting times ahead

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PostWed May 04, 2011 2:37 am » by Tgwusauk

Troops will not be coming home as I think they have played us all with a play on words,
war on terror they say, I think they mean war on terra(earth)

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PostWed May 04, 2011 7:00 am » by SUKHOV

Most definitely interesting times ahead. A bumpier road or a downhill descent is what I wonder of, though.

It always kinda bothers me when they say "so and so's war" ...It's the governments war, plain and simple. Who is in office doesn't change the strategy, time or place...

HA? Osama dead changing the war on terror? I lol'd...
That's like saying legalizing pot will change the war on drugs.
The True Sons of Liberty are alive and well.
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