Jesse Ventura is a sell out.

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When I see a guy that is revealing such dirty actions from the government and this guy is still alive, on air and like nothing, my concern is that he might be sponsored by the same people he is attacking. Why? because, if for example, the JFK case was performed by the agency, then if they are capable of killing a president, what will stop them from killing a reporter, writer, governor or marine?. I remember when I used to hear Glenn Beck talking so loud about the government and later it was revealed that he was with the government he was attacking. Just think about it. Have you heard about this guy Benjamin Fulford? He had to leave the country and he revealed that he was approached by agents asking him "either tell what we want or die", but he says that luckily he was contacted by the japanese mafia and protected to continue unveiling the dirty stuff.

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PostWed Apr 06, 2011 11:55 pm » by Daemonfoe

irnbru wrote:Up until recently I thought this guy was legit and could actually get the wheels going on a movement to start big changes but now I have to question him.

Ive watched him closely read his books and enjoy his TV show but what has become apparent is the guy is a sell out. Only when he is promoting a book or his TV show is when we see him. He comes on Larry King or any other news/radio show and says a few controversial lines to get interest in whatever he's promoting and that's it.
He then disappears for a few months and only when he has something new to promote is when we see him.

Hmm, the only time I've ever seen you is when you came out to bash on Jesse Ventura. Using your logic, I can conclude that you're just a sell out Jesse basher.
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