Jesuit Priest said Vatican Knows Planet Nibiru/Planet X is C

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Jesuit Priest said Vatican Knows Planet Nibiru/Planet X is Coming!

Last week I was watching a Project Camelot interview with Luca Scantamburlo. In the interview he discusses a reporter by the name of Cristoforo Barbato. Cristoforo Barbato wrote an article about the Secrets of Fatima, the secrets that the Blessed Virgin Mary gave three children in the early 20th Century.

It was after this article was published that according to Luca Scantamburlo, Cristoforo Barbato got contacted by a Jesuit priest who worked in the Vatican. This Jesuit priest did not want to disclose his identity. So Cristoforo Barbato kept his identity secret but made sure that the Jesuit priest did in fact work in the Vatican, he checked his credentials.

The Jesuit priest told Cristoforo Barbato that in the Vatican there was a secret intelligence agency called the S.I.V. which stands for Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano (the Information Service of the Vatican). According to Luca Scantamburlo proof of this secret organization can be shown in books of the Vatican in which this abbreviation is used.

According to this Jesuit priest the Vatican has taken footage of a planet, which may be Nibiru/Planet X, which is heading toward earth. Cristoforo Barbato was shown video footage, proof from a telescope, of this planet. The footage has the initials S.V.S. on the top which meaning has yet to be known.

Is this proof of Planet X or Nibiru?

What follows are links to the interview with Luca Scantamburlo. There is also an interview between Robert Harrington, an astronomer who worked at the United States Naval Observatory, believes in Zecharia Sitchin’s Planet X.

Video Interview of Luca Scantamburlo

Video discussion between Robert Harrington and Zecharia Sitchin

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