Jon Stewart mocks 9/11 Truth -- Activist assaulted

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PostMon Nov 01, 2010 6:17 pm » by Trigerhipy

John Stewart is nothing but a shill for Viacom corporation. Having a couple hundred thousand people go out of their way to attend that bullshit was an insult to the very idea of helping anybody in this country. I never heard the word war during the 3 wasted hours, let alone stop the wars. Instead of hearing from anybody like Ralph Nader, Thom Hartman or Cindy Sheehan, we got the Mythbuster assholes wasting 20 minutes doing the wave. We are truly screwed. The Only thing learned at that rally is that america is a fascist state, and the powers that be have us all screwed and tattooed.Something youll appreciate even more after you see prop 19 be defeated in California tomorrow, despite record numbers of young people, blacks and latinos voting for it, besides all the whites people who got medical marijuana passed 14 yrs ago.I just wanna die, rather than live in this corupted madhouse any longer.

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PostMon Nov 01, 2010 6:32 pm » by Unitb166er

Do you want to know why John Stewart and his writers freaked out?

Upload to

I guess he and his writers don't want to be classified as terrorists and put into a FEMA camp.Maybe that explains the violent reaction.

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