Jupiter rising

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PostSat Dec 18, 2010 5:04 am » by Seenitdunit

It seems everyday that astronomers are sighting new planets using the dip in light and wobble technique. In most of the occasions they discover a new planet around another sun it is what they call a hot Jupiter. A planet that has spiraled in from the outer solar system and destroyed everything in it's path usually followed by planets like Saturn and other ice giants because of the gravitational and electrical pull of the soon to be hot Jupiter and the Sun. We can see the end results from the astronomers observations. The question i am thinking about how long would it take to see a change of orientation of a gas giant like Jupiter. Maybe all it needs is alignment with the galaxy plane to create disturbances in the orbits of the planets of the solar system due to extraneous gravitational and electrical fields from outside the solar system.

What if in 2012 there was a small inward shift of Jupiter spiraling in like all the other solar systems. Could this be the fate of all solar systems . We cannot detect it because of the impossibly long time scales. Maybe galactic alignment can create a jolt big enough to be visible to us. The big question is if Jupiter and the outer planets are spiraling in what was there starting point if we knew that we would know how long there is left. Hot Jupiters have thrown a big flag to me there is more of them than anything else. We will see what Keppler space telescope see's maybe know more then

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