Just woke up from a Ufo invasion dream

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PostSun Apr 17, 2011 8:40 am » by Stratafire

Interesting... Though I wager it is a case of what one "fears" the most coming to the forefront, rather then to do with anything in reality..

Around 95% of all crafts seen are of "human"" origin.. we have a surplus of technology in the neighborhood of 200 years+, and forms of energy applications that were stolen from the "real" innovators of the world (or the innovators decided that standing at the right hand of the devil, rather then being in it's path was "preferred", which makes them cowards and traitors to humanity, one and ALL)..

As of the designs currently being fielded, they still have a ten second window of "inactivity" before final reconfiguration of the propulsion field generated.. so be sure to aim for the "lights" on the three corners (horizontal levitation fields) to bring it down (triangle model) or if you want to disable it permanently . aim for the exact "center" of the underbelly to damage the Faraday cage surrounding the field generator (need either a .50 cal. or 25mm ball round, unless you have access to 7.62, 5.56, or 9mm AP rounds which are more feasible then the larger calibers)... ever wonder "why" they avoid being seen in the heat of todays weapons battles?.. they are very finicky aerial systems, prone to stray rounds, and the only thing that the designs have going for them, is "relative speed", but the minute they "brake" (collapse) the field, it still takes too long to generate, then configure for operations (the light generated is a dead giveaway it's got about 2 more seconds before it reaches the "Hyper Mach levels of "relative" speed, as the light is a side effect of the operations)

If you and others are having dreams involving the governmental black project crafts we have developed for over a century (at least) involved in some "shoot out" with the other 5% that are not our crafts, then I still maintain that it is a case of what one "fears" coming to the forefront of your imagination within your dreams, and if family is held close, then you are representing what you want to "protect" the most, and fear "for" the most (honorable if I might add)..

My point is:

Don't worry about it.. The crafts are easy to take down, pointless to worry about, are not very reliable for more then a "puppet show" (since they cant get around the 10 second barrier yet) and would not be a match for the 5% that are not ours in any event (since those seem to bend or break the known laws of physics based on physical reality) but for "traffic patrol" of humanity? . they are perfect to lay down a sense of fear and suppression of a population (all under the guise of course of helping to "save us") as an example of course..

Take the part where you protect what you fear for the most to heart, and "F" the rest.. it's a pointless exercise in futility to allow a "dream" to control your waking state..

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PostSun Apr 17, 2011 8:43 am » by Waynew

I had one myself just a couple of days ago .... weird

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PostWed May 25, 2011 12:48 am » by Newearthman

I had another ufo invation dream last night. All I remember is looking up and seeing an armada of alien ships floating overheading moving in a line like a parade. I remember the excitment and disbelief of what I saw in my dream. It was real to me at the time.


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