Kangaroos Mob cities in Western Australia

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PostMon Nov 09, 2009 7:04 pm » by Savwafair2012

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Australian farmers in the outback of Western Queensland are under siege from a kangaroo plague, with the drought-ravaged animals moving into towns, desperate for food. (Nov. 5)
A PLAGUE of kangaroos has descended on the outback Queensland town of Thargomindah in search of food and water due to the drought.

Thargomindah's 250 population is so over-run that there is one roo for every five people.

Local police Sergeant Kerry Nugent said a mob of about 50 kangaroos and emus make their way into town throughout the day and into the night.

"There is quite a few of them, it has just been extremely dry and rough conditions they've not been a nuisance, they've just been feeding on people's lawns" he said.

Sgt Nugent said this was not the first time farmers and locals had been under siege from the roos.

"A number of years ago it was a similar situation but locals had to pick up the dead roos," he said.

The farmers and graziers recently de-stocked their cattle and sheep due to the dire conditions, leaving the roos with no food supply.

"Whatever food is left over the kangaroos, pigs and other animals are here to clean it up" he said.

The food shortage is a sign of the harsh drought with locals saying it is the worst they have experienced in 60 years.
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PostMon Nov 09, 2009 7:13 pm » by Odrama

Holy crap. I had a dream about kangaroos running wild through a city the other night. Maybe it's a sign. I was meant to live in Australia i guess.

Shooting 'Roos. Sounds like a good cereal or something.


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