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I, like no doubt many of you, have read countless books on the UFO/ET/Abduction issue, but I had never read this one and the other day I felt compelled to read it, so I downloaded it and read it in 3 sessions.

Many of the books have made me think, rethink, hope and sometimes doubt and even induced boredom, but only one other book affected me the way this one did and that was Communion. The effect of Communion shocked me because it caused recall of things that I'd forgotten and things that I'd forgotten that I'd forgotten, if that makes sense. One specific memory started me on this path and it was just like you see in films, (which I thought was BS) where someone is rigid and clearly remembering something and it made the people I was with ask me if I was OK. That was nearly 30 years ago.

This book did the same and I was admittedly agitated to the point of necking beer and smoking - I quit baccy a year ago. I also realise now why I drink, because I was off the booze for a few a days because of being on call for work, I rarely get drunk but still nearly every day have at least one beer, but after reading part of Into The Fringe a memory came rushing back from childhood and subsequently my mind really was racing whilst sober, so I hit the 8.5% Oranjeboom and chuffed on a couple of roll-ups.

I don't know why I'm blarting all this because my reason was just to post the free book and I don't for one one minute think that it's bound to have the same effect on any one that reads it, but for some reason I don't mind telling this. It's not particularly revealing though, my ramblings here I mean.

Briefly back to Communion if you don't mind - I have had this little niggly thought for a while now that there was something unnatural about that book, the way it was advertised and the effect it had on me, kind of like it was designed to trigger people. Which is also partly why Into The Fringe has had an impact on me. It did trigger a very real memory; But apart from that, as mentioned in the book, Communion was also involved in the start of Karla Turner's journey; I also bought Strieber's book on impulse, at the time not remembering what I'd forgotten.

I don't claim to be a contactee or whatever, I have no recollection of seeing beings, but I for sure have seen and experienced plenty of the paraphernalia that goes with the phenomenon.

Any way, enough of my ramblings. The links -

PDF download found here

Or here (this one downloaded straight to my reader - maybe they both do)

I dare say there's others.


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