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katla hits 1400 on the Tremor Amplitude Scale

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PostWed Apr 21, 2010 10:21 pm » by Savwafair2012


It's actually pretty easy. On the left, you see the amplitude chart. Along the bottom is the time chart, with each time division marked at three hour intervals.

Now each colored line corresponds to a different frequency, in Hz. So what the chart is showing you is the amplitude, or maximum displacement of the wave, in a given frequency at a given time. The higher this is, the higher the magnitude of oscillation in the given frequency.

And the green (1-2Hz) line hits around 1400 at the far right of the chart.

Cheers! :cheers:
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PostWed Apr 21, 2010 10:31 pm » by Reinaul

So.. it's going to blow anytime soon?
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PostWed Apr 21, 2010 10:34 pm » by Chronicnerd

Good catch!

I can only add the following information in conjunction with your find:
compare that climb in solar wind to the climb in activity:

We are entering the "eyes" of the coronal hole high speed streams and as such the probability of more seismic activity between now and mid-day Friday is going to raise a bit. With all of the additional activity in the region, it could very well push this one over the edge...

Is Katla the sister to the currently erupting Iceland volcano?

If so... *yikes*

Oh...and we are out of coffee...

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PostWed Apr 21, 2010 10:42 pm » by Immortalgropher

Well, if we get to see it on this cam, at least we can say we sawed it happunz!
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PostWed Apr 21, 2010 11:07 pm » by Chronicnerd

Usually erupts once per century. Hmmm...

1918 was the previous one...

That would make 2018...but seeing as we have other "external" events occurring right now... could very well be that this baby erupts in the next two this point it is looking to be an above 60% chance that it will the degree and level in which it erupts...I don't think anyone knows...but that it is very probable to erupt...sure.

The problem with this Volcano is its size. If we get a full scale eruption, besides the poor people in Iceland pretty much becoming extinct...the rest of the world will see ash/smoke issues such as:

accelerated global warming...with the potential of a "mini-ice age" (seems backwards but there is a point where the amount of ash in the sky vs the amount of radiation the earth is getting will "topple" and we would see a dramatic drop in temperatures around the globe.

Depending upon how much ash, massive/global dead crops and animals due to dead crops/vegetation... which means world hunger on a scale not yet seen.

As well, the worst of the worst would be complete global coverage (not sure if this volcano could spew that much gas into the atmosphere...but very possible it could)... which at this point...

Everyone would be screwed....forget about solar flares, aliens, etc... if we don't have food...we all obviously will die from hunger... well... I think like a very high % of people could die from hunger/disease...but I do think once the population dropped to a low enough level the remaining resources on the planet coupled with in-door hydroponics and nuclear generators would take over and crops would become more of an "in-door" thing.

Definitely would take care of the population problem...but either case...this is all a little bit "over-the-top" as I have a gut instinct that if indeed it does blow it will cause "issues" but not "game over" type issues for everyone...

Let's just hope it doesn't blow...because that would seriously in so many ways I couldn't find enough time to type it all.

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PostWed Apr 21, 2010 11:43 pm » by Kingz

:o :shock: :shock: :shock:

President Of Iceland: Katla Volcano Will Erupt

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PostThu Apr 22, 2010 1:28 am » by Elnorel

Aww crap its starting to happen more and more faster.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, vulcanoes,... not a week goes by that we dont have some disaster happening.

:peep: :nails: :nails:
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PostThu Apr 22, 2010 11:24 pm » by Freedomofwill

What happens if you happen to be wrong?

Why do you assume we all die if Katla erupts? Seriously? It's said all the time about other stuff and yet we are all still here. What makes this event different from any other event?

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PostThu Apr 22, 2010 11:52 pm » by Withuletsgo

I dunno guys; it seems that this baby only blows every 50 years consistently; (see page link), however, if you side on the belief of the reality we live in now, weirder things have happened....we shall see....

Katla Volcano - John Seach


63.63 N, 19.05 W
summit elevation 1512 m
subglacial volcano

Katla Volcano is located in southern Iceland under Mýrdalsjökull glacier. It is considered the most dangerous volcano in Iceland.

The highest points of the ice cap lie on the caldera rim and include Goðabunga, Háabunga, Austmannsbunga, Enta, Entukollar.

Eruptions at Katla volcano are phreatomagmatic, and produce high eruption columns and catastrophic meltwater floods. Historically large eruptions have occurred at regular intervals about every 50 years.

Holocene eruptions at Katla volcano have been characterised by three types.
1) Basaltic explosive eruptions inside the caldera have occurred twice per century.
2) Silicic explosive eruptions in or near the caldera occur less frequently.
3) Large effusive basaltic fissure eruptions, producing volumes of 10 cubic km have occurred on two occasions during the Holocene.

Earthquakes at Katla Volcano
Katla has been seismically active for at least the past forty years, with two distinct areas predominating - Gooabunga rise in the west, and within Katla caldera in the centre. Earthquakes are more common during the autumn than during spring. There is almost no seismicity at the beginning of the year, and the earthquakes start to
occur in late summer. Seismicity indicates an intruding hot and acidic cryptodome, with a summit at a depth of 1.5 km.

1999 Eruption
In 1999 there was a glacial outburst at Katla volcano, possibly caused by a small eruption under the ice. The water flowed into Jökulsá á Sólheimasandi river. The source of the melting was a depression formed in the glacier surface. The flood was preceded by a burst of seismic tremor. Subglacial geothermal activity increased in the following weeks. Geothermal activity at Katla increased since 1999.
Katla Volcano Eruptions

1999, 1955, 1918, 1860, 1823, 1755-56, 1721, 1660-61, 1625, 1612, 1580, 1450 ± 50 yr, 1440, 1416, 1357 ± 3, 1311, 1262, 1245, 1177 ± 2, 1150 ± 50, 934 AD ± 2, 920 AD, 270 AD ± 12, 850 BC ± 50, 1220 BC ± 12, 1450 BC ± 40,

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PostFri Apr 23, 2010 12:13 am » by Chronicnerd

freedomofwill wrote:What happens if you happen to be wrong?

Why do you assume we all die if Katla erupts? Seriously? It's said all the time about other stuff and yet we are all still here. What makes this event different from any other event?

It would be fantastic if everyone was wrong regarding this, however if you do some research on this particular seismic area (Iceland) it has a history of doing this every 100 or so years.

1781 was the last *major* eruption and it has about a 100 year cycle (plus or minus a few decades obviously).

Fact is, I hope that nothing else happens with Iceland. That would be fantastic. Unfortunately, the history shows that this region is a "problem" region and it typically doesn't become active until the ICE SHEETS melt or thin due to...get warming. Of course, the big issue with this isn't that it is something we have done, but rather something our SUN goes through on a cyclical basis. This solar maximum is going to be at the "high peek" for the total cycle around 2012 (someone verify?), and then it begins the next "cycle" and oscillates through the highs and lows for the next several thousand years.

No one is sure that it will "blow", but the data is pointing to "warning signs" that make this topic worth discussing as well as speculations on what external elements changed that made this series of volcanoes become active. If it is linked with the Sun (ice melting as well as CME's and High Speed Coronal Hole Streams), then it would be good to try and figure out what is what as someone somewhere might actually figure out a "rough science" to predicting "special case" scenarios based on global and solar activity which, in turn, could trigger seismic activity in this region.

Iceland's tremors are not slowing down, and actually the whole "board" has lit up since the two Coronal Hole High Speed Streams have been facing the earth (relative from the sun).
Current Seismic Activity around the globe

K Index is going up:

And look at the heavily oscillating magnetic fields that the earth has been going through today:

All of these factors coupled with an already destabilized region that has been an area of "great speculation" when the next "big one" from that Island would occur as it has been past due and over the past decade showing signs of "coming back to life".

So, I don't think any one person could say for positively sure that it will happen, however if you were to compare the data today with the data of say five years ago...the data of today raises the probability to a much higher value that, under the right "trigger", could very well cause a much larger and globally "felt" volcano that could release gases as it has in the past (first article link) that would cause severe global climate issues around the earth and especially within the northern hemisphere.

Does this answer your question?


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