“Kill the Indian in the kid”

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How to Solve The Indian Problem “Kill the Indian in the kid”

The federal government is stalling on a court-ordered obligation to hand over millions of documents from Library and Archives Canada to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) that is examining the residential schools scandal.
Why would they not want to release the documents. The people that are suffering need this information to have closure. The citizens of Canada needs to know this information so they can also heal any misconceptions they have about First Nations people. It is the only thing that is holding the unification process back. It is beyond me why they would stall and make it seem like something is not right. Are the details too horrific to make public? Stories about the abuses suffered there will be confirmed and motives for covering up details will uncover many land deals that did not exist.

http://www.thecanadiandaily.ca/rusty-on ... ndian-kid/

Signs were made to advertise Indian Land for sale. Natives had bigger problems fighting the rcmp from kidnapping their children.



believe it or not,its still goes on
its discussed as the past,but its here in the present......trapped in stereo types and racism
just more politically correct

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Those handcuffs are hardcore, I bet pedo bear approves. :vomit:
Live by the Terror, Die by the Terror.

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