King James VI. Yes the bible into English king

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As a young man the King had borrowed 」85,000 from Lord Ruthven ... then had Ruthven executed before he paid it back! Then Ruthven's sons made the mistake of reminding James about the 」85,000 he owed them.In no time all the Ruthven sons were dead ! But James was crafty and cruel. He announced that he had been invited to the Ruthven house and rode off.
When he got there he locked himself in an upstairs room with his page and Ruthvens sons. Suddenly James appeared at the window screaming that the Ruthvens were trying to murder him. By the time Jame's men got to the room the Ruthvens were dead,stabbed by Jame's page. Was it a murder plot ? Yes _ but a plot by James against the Ruthvens,not the other way round.

Foul Fact : With the Ruthvens dead, there was no more 」85,000 to pay back - dead men dont need money. But James wanted more - he wanted the Ruthven house and lands. He could only have the Ruthven fortune if they were found to be traitors. But they weren't traitors because they hadn't been found guilty.There was only one thing to do; dig up the bodies, take them to court and put them in front of a judge.

Not for the first time in Scottish history,this was done. They were found guilty of treason - and pretty guilty of stinking out the court as they had been dead for ten weeks.Then of course, they were hanged, but at least they weren't tortured first.That must have pleased them.

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Long time ago but here's my 2 p's worth .

Apart from James IV , all the Stuart's were self seeking Turds .


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