Last survivor of Hitler's bunker dies, Hitler's fake death

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Last survivor of the bunker of Alexander Adolf Hitler's father's uncle and "Angela Merkel"'s father died today.
Rochus Misch: celebrated as hero by illuminati media:
The former SS man had operated the telephones in the bunker and had proudly reminisced about his wartime duties for the "boss".

He had called Hitler "a very normal man... he was no brute, he was no monster", according to the Associated Press news agency.
AP said that in his interview he stayed away from the central questions of guilt and responsibility, saying he knew nothing of the murder of six million Jews and that Hitler never brought up the Final Solution in his presence.
"I knew about Dachau camp and about concentration camps in general," he told the BBC in 2009.

"Coincidentally" one of the article's photos is the solution of the riddle used by Last Prophet in the first page worldwide exposing how the illuminati faked Hitler's "death".

Reminder of the SUPPRESSED TRUTH: ... 232376/pg1

End Time Paradox: although Adolph Hitler's "death" was staged and the current illuminati leader was the first and only man to be named after him, he is not his son or grandson.

How the illuminati staged Adolph Hitler's "death" - FULL STORY exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt Marriot

The KEY to the FULL STORY of how the illuminati staged Adolph Hitler's "death", May 3, 1945:
[ S _ X ] children.

For now ten years Google returns as first result Last Prophet's words from 2003 exposing the cheap trick behind the most powerful hoax created by the illuminati (1a).
The trick used to stage Hitler's death is of the same type.
But Sadly you can't call it a cheap trick.

How the illuminati staged Hitler's "death" is ALSO the ultimate illustration of illuminazi leaders' minds
As of today, Last Prophet's words are also the last post (1b), from from March 24th 2005, 6 years to the day of the begin of the battle of Armageddon.
That post illustrates how the nazis propagated the genocide of some segments of ethnic germans, who were NOT even political oppositors.

End Times Reductionism: The trick used to stage Hitler's death pushes that illustration to the utter limits.
In other words: it is impossible to find a better example of what the illuminazi leaders' minds are programmed for.
A consequence of the simple fact that nothing reveals better the essence of a society or of an individual than how they handle their own children (2).

(1) First result returned by Google ever since 2003 for "cheap trick behind":
a) First post by Last Prophet, from 2003"cheap+trick+behind" ... 1855/posts
b) post #472 by Last Prophet, the last post for the last 8 years: ... &;page=451

(2) Reminder: more than one hundred million babies were murdered in Illuminatziland in the last decades, since abortion was legalized.
Now, with pedophilia alias "gay marriage" legalized, dozens of thousands of boys are delivered to pedophiles.

Who the first gay sir really is:
Modern History's most bombastic revelation by Last Prophet Matt M:
Father's uncle of current Illuminati's LEADER is most widely known man in History, together with Buddha, Jesus & Muhammad
His real name is exactly the same:

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PostSat Sep 07, 2013 5:53 am » by Dagnamski

“If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it”


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