last week no chemtralils this week look up at the sky

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PostSun Feb 06, 2011 2:01 am » by Theyrecomming

Seen em on my way to work this week. Lots

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PostSun Feb 06, 2011 2:06 am » by The57ironman

new england jan.25,2011

Upload to

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PostSun Feb 06, 2011 2:07 am » by Truthseeker

who is this person one week he is saying one thing about this site ,now he wants you to download somthing is this guye for real or just a stooge to destroy this site either way i aint downloading his stuff ,and if you have any sence you dont do you understand .
this guye wrote this on my pages so if he edits it its still here for you to read .
from white knight to truthseeker.
I think its very clear truth seeker that no one buys this bullshit anymore.

Otherwise you would have 3 pages of posts by now.

Look around you, the whole conspiracy thing is getting old. People are starting to wake up to all the bullshit and disinfo on here.

The constant posts lead me to one conclusion. Your desperate to get this rubbish out there. Desperate to keep this post at the top.

Eventually this forum will become a ghost town, and there will be no one to blame but the disinfo, and bullshitters.

I will do one thing though. I would like to thank you for making most of the conspiracy world Smarter, and better equipped to see through the utter bullshit.

Every single day 95% of the crap posted on this forum gets debunked or put in the hoax section or gets completly ignored.

Even the fear mongers are getting desperate to get people to read their bullshit.

It just won't work, or cut it any more.

Look at the numbers of people posting on here.

They have gone down dramatically since last year. They have gone down due the increase of the bullshit and disinfo on here.

They have had ENOUGH!!!

so his he for real or a stooge .? the man called white knight

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PostSun Feb 06, 2011 2:10 am » by The57ironman

:nope: the man :nwo:

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PostSun Feb 06, 2011 2:24 am » by Sevenofnine

I have seen beautiful clear blue sky's in the uk criss crossed with planes with a vapour trail well below 20000 feet, then the lines merge,its like a blanket grey for the rest of the day.

This is real,weather control is a fact, thanks for the post, i dont know a lot about this and im looking at info now thanks.

People are playing god with the weather.Why?.
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PostSun Feb 06, 2011 2:54 am » by Noetic

we had snow today,and i saw the clouds roll in this moring,and there was no sign of chemtrails,and two days before today have been perfectly clear also,then a few days before all of this it was snowing for a few days straight. I haven't seen a chemtrail,for one reason or another, in about a week.,,I also use this radar site,its a good site.
go to wundermap

in case you haven't heard,check this out v ... etail.html
patent pending lol

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PostSun Feb 06, 2011 2:30 pm » by Noetic

patent pending lol

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PostMon Feb 07, 2011 11:51 am » by Truthseeker

think about it folks if large scale snowstorms around or due to come the last thing they want is flights stuck on the ground in the uk and europe this as happend in 2010 and 11 so the fuel companies grade fuel on future weather patterns around the globe so if you are going to have rain all week or for a few days well its ok for the jets to have the chemtrail fuel ,and say if weather patterns mean large scale snow due then fuel for jets as normal ,you can actualy see this happen if you wake up and theres a nice frost in the morning and the weather might be blue then jets flying your flight path are using ok fuel but if theres a rain front coming your way wow watch your sky turn full of high altitude chemtrails you can observe this during the day just spend a few mins tracking jets say each few hours dring the day ,just watch your sky .It is your sky dont forget theres no signs up saying this belongs to shell or bp or esso etc it is your sky you breath in the air and breath out carbon dioxide which feeds the plants so there is a equal balance with nature and living breathing mamals etc etc etc .
So trees give us oxygen to breath its a good deal lets not uppset the balance . you see carbon is good for the trees a volcanoe is good for the planett it keeps the balance of nature working .
so the sky yes CHEMTRAILS my conclusion its a crafty plan by the oil corprate thugs crooks what ever you want to call them to melt the northern coldest pole regions like alaska canada russia greenland etc so they can get there hands on once forbiden fruits which they could not reach or extract due to miles of ice covering there eforts to extract it ,now in the last 5 years so called global warming as melted the ice away earlyer in place during the summer melting period so it as been made easier to extract oil and gas and etc etc etc out of once place man could not get to in the northern regions of the globe .
so as the arab world decays and is lead into anerky the oil giants make money the arabs go poor and the new lands of oil gas and the rest open up for a oil thug gang to rape and pillage without any oppersition stoping them and the people who live there join or starve due to the new enviromental restrictions on there food chain and there way of life being controlled by so called caring enviromentalists in the pockett of oil thugs .
Global warming always and will always happen on the globe but oil companies see this and try to push there new ways of controlling weather to suit there new agenda ie melt the north pole and get a new massive stock pile of oil and gas to sell at over priced rates to joe public .
The sooner we the joe public find a way of doing without oil the future of this globe will be a better place ,but im afraid as long as man and women crave all the things they see on tv the more this planett will suffer in the name of greed and i want .
So oil companies push with so called ways of controlling your fuel supply ,goverments tax you and you become slaves to there way of feeding you oil at there price using excuses like shortages and wars or disrupting factors ,the main supply of oil will always be controlled and the price will be fixed and you the joe public will be coned at the fuel pumps coned on the air flight taxes and coned and controlled with airport tax to help pay for the fuel in jets to have clean days and dirty days of fuel spraying your air above you .
so what do you do will tell people to look up at the sky tell people to purchase as little fuel as you need and dont fall for there idea oil will run out it never will run out because oil is the life blood of this planett .
So as everything if you respect nature nature will respect you if you abuse nature then you willone day find out the true force of nature .

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PostMon Feb 07, 2011 12:08 pm » by Noetic

I don't doubt the fuel might be tainted,but you do understand that chemtrail planes are fitted with sprayers and are also fitted with chemical tanks inside of them instead of cargo and seats.

if chemtrails came from the fuel only then the lines would be constant,from take off to landing,but havent you seen chemtrails that have abrupt beginnings and endings?
patent pending lol

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PostMon Feb 07, 2011 12:14 pm » by Truthseeker

O imagine if they sprayed this in our clean air above us i wonder what will happen to the planett and our blue sky and all the breathing creatures might die like somthing from the bad man in a bond movie ,but for real they do this above you ,your fresh air aint that fresh any more and most of you smoke so who cares .
Living near a petrol station is 'bad for your health' as fuel pollutants found to travel 100m
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:52 AM on 7th February 2011
Comments (2) Add to My Stories Living near a petrol station can be a health hazard, researchers warn.

They say the air in the immediate vicinity of garages is often polluted with airborne particles from evaporated fuel and therefore harmful to local residents.
Scientists from the University of Murcia in Spain studied the effects of contamination at petrol stations.

Dangerous airborne organic compounds can travel as far as 100m from petrol stations
They found dangerous airborne pollutants from garages could contaminate buildings as far as 100m away.

The scientists said a 'minimum' distance of 50 metres should therefore be maintained between petrol stations and housing, and 100 metres for 'especially vulnerable' facilities such as hospitals, health centres, schools and old people's homes.
Study co author Marta Doval, said: 'Some airborne organic compounds - such as benzene, which increases the risk of cancer - have been recorded at petrol stations at levels above the average levels for urban areas where traffic is the primary source of emission.'
The study, published in the Journal of Environmental Management, shows the air at petrol stations and in their immediate surroundings is especially affected by emissions stemming from evaporated vehicle fuels. This includes unburnt fuel from fuel loading and unloading operations, refuelling and liquid spillages.
The research team measured the levels of 'typical traffic' pollutants in different parts of the urban area of Murcia. They then calculated the quotients for the levels of an aromatic compound (benzene) and a hydrocarbon (n-hexane) at three Murcia petrol stations - near the petrol pumps and surrounding areas - to find the distance at which the service stations stop having an impact.

In the three cases studied a maximum distances of influence of close to 100 metres was found although the average distance of contamination was around 50 metres.

But the distances depend on the number of petrol pumps, the amount of fuel drawn from them, traffic intensity, the structure of the surroundings, and weather conditions.

Read more: ... z1DGm6qVkl


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