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PostWed Nov 17, 2010 5:55 am » by Otomon

The claim:

“2012 End of the World is all a hoax to scare people and to make them buy books and DVD’s.. It’s an invention!! So many Internet Sites prove it..”

Ok, so I have to picture this:

(Two mayas sitting at the foot of the pyramid, suckin' badly on a 15inch Bad-Boy-Spliff...)

Maya1: Ey..
Maya2: .....
Maya1: EY..!!
Maya2: Uhhh...??
(Maya1 takin' a deep toke..)
Maya1: Man... Do you realize that time just goes on...??
(Maya2 grabbin' the 15incher..)
Maya2: What are you gettin' at..? Going on after what..??
Maya1: US!!
Maya2: Us...??
Maya1: Us man, us!! (pointing the finger at self and maya2..) When we are dead, whatever we leave goes on without us... We write, the ones who live will read it and when lucky, tell their families and so on...
(Maya2 tokin' deeply..)
Maya2: Aahhhh, hold on, I get it.... Like that mad shit that the elder always bring up when they smoke that up-stream shit..??
Maya1: Yeah, just like that man.. Our ancestors pulled a prank on our wise ones and the wise ones are pulling that shit on us... wow man, awesome..!!
Maya2: Yeah man, they fucking owned the wiseys..
(Maya1 high-fives Maya2 and starts takin' 3 tokes in a row, and while coughing his lungs out starts to say:)
Maya1: Dude, you know what that means right..??
Maya2: No man, whats the deal..?
Maya1: Man, you always smart-ass during the sacrifices , I thought you were all illuminated and shit knowing all the Sun-Calendar..??
Maya2: Usually just to impress the flower-girls, they like the intelligent, sensitive warrior in me, you know..
Maya1: Dude.......
Maya2: Never mind.. So what are you gettin' at..?
Maya1: Ok, picture this: we pull the BIGGEST generational prank EVAHHHHH!!!!!
(Silence covers the forrest, sudden silence strikes...)
Maya2: Ooooooowwwwwkkeeeeee....???
Maya1: Dude, we do the exact same thing as our forefathers, just with a little tiny difference: we don't suggest ghosts and spirits and old cities that were the reason for mankind to exist at all...
Maya2: Then what will we suggest..???
Maya1: We will Brain-fuck them so badly that they will actually think their shit will end at a certain date in time, having them end up headless for a couple of centuries...
Maya2: Dude, you're a genius!! What date will we suggest to them as being the end of the world..?
Maya1: Pass me that Calendar will ya....
Maya2: The broken one..??? What good will that do? It's faulty, the wise-one hasn't been able to fix it, it will end at a certain date...
Maya1: EXACTLY!!
Maya2: Dude, your'e a genius!! You have to tell the chief, this is not just a prank man, this sounds like substantial PR dude!! He will love it!
Maya1: You think so..? I mean, its nothing really..
(Maya2 starts yelling for the chief.. Within' a second the chief stands next to him coming out of nowhere, shocking Maya1 and Maya2..)
Chief: Sorry man, gotta stay in shape being the leader, you think I still got it, huh..? I'm fit..?
Maya2: Yeah, just ease a little man, damn..
Chief: Soooo, whats the issue..?
Maya2: Well, my friend here had this great idea with pulling off a generational prank on following generations making them think their world will end..
(Chief starts staring at the two mayas..)
Chief: Did you guys smoke that up-stream shit again...??
(The two mayas coughing acting all innocent..)
Chief: Or did the old wise-fart sell it again to the warriors..???
Maya2: Well, you might wanna give it a second thought chief.. It would make our tribe and people, let's say: GOD.... LIKE....
Chief: Sounds like a good PR to me somehow... Hmmm..
Maya2: (Whispering to Maya1...) told ya........
Chief: Ok, how do you wanna pull this off..?
(Maya2 pulls out the calendar and shows it to the chief..)
Chief: With a broken calendar...???
(Maya1 and Maya2 saying in complete unison:)
Maya1 and Maya2: YES!!
Chief: ...... Ooohh I get it!! The calendar ends and they think their time is up and they will be all screwed in their minds!!!
Maya1 and Maya2: YES!!!
Chief: You are great!! We will do this and enlighten our following generations!! MUAHAHAHA!!! Let's celebrate this!! BRING THE UP-STREAM SHIT AND SACRIFICE SOME EMPLOYEES!!
(Chief whispering to Maya2:)
Chief: They are hot right..?
(Maya2 high fives the Chief..)
Maya2: Ohhh momma!!

And from that day on mankind became conscious about the truth of the end of the world.... And if Pindz* is not dead, they will still think this today while smokin' that 15inch badboy..

Now, my two cents tell me that the mayas where there before the site owners of some, so I answer this never asked question with: 42

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche once said:
“I always have this dog following me, called Ego...”

And Monty Python once said:
“Always look on the bright side of life..”

Then again:
“God, Allah, Buddah and all other styles give and forgive, but mankind only gets and forgets..”

*Pindz is a not yet registered trademark of a person on the internet that dedicated his life to find out the ‘Truth’ and spread it amongst the nations of the world via forum posts and youtube videos.. A true legend in my mind, as controversial as he may seem..

And now for something completely different..

Michael S. Siebert, who else.... -_-

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PostWed Nov 17, 2010 7:17 am » by Epicfailure


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PostWed Nov 17, 2010 7:30 am » by Mediasorcerer

what?hey otoman,what,WHAT?stop trying to hoax me man!how much is the book btw?
with the power of soul,anything is possible
with the power of you,anything that you wanna do

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PostWed Nov 17, 2010 8:59 am » by Scar7

Wow. That joke was not good. But I get it though; a hoax based on logical observations of the night sky with drug references to a civilization just like our own; everyone has a choice.

OP, your links don't seem to be working for me. I hope others are not having a prob.

Hey, why did you write :

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche once said:
“I always have this dog following me, called Ego...”

I got a joke-ish storyline as well...

- A bunch of people enter into a 2012 forum.

They all make a determination that 2012 represents a time where the world will end.

Then a new member (NM) joins the 2012 forum and says "Hey! the world is not going to end and time does go on".

- Then others (O) are like, "2012 means the end of the world ".

NM: "2012 is not the end of the world"

- Then others (O) reiterate without seeming to acknowledge the new member and state, "2012 means the end of the world."

NM: "2012 is not the end of the world"

O: "the claim is 2012 means its the end of the world".

NM: "its not the end of the world".

O: "the claim is 2012 means its the end of the world and we need to look at the bright side".

NM: "its not the end of the world, do you want to know why?"

O: "the claim is 2012 means its the end of the world and we need to look at the bright side with a dog chasing us"

NM: :roll:

O: End of the World! :banana: Me like. Me really interested.

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