Lawful Rebellion events postponed

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Hello there

We regret to inform you that due to recent events, the talks in Scotland are postponed. There are certain forces at work that are way beyond's standing, which we do not want to be involved in for practical, philosophical and legal reasons.

We will be arranging less formal meetings in Scotland and St Albans in the coming month. We also are planning to conduct formal talks across Britain and Ireland this year, which will be solely us talking about different perspectives of Lawful Rebellion. We have had alot of emails, but to any who haven't emailed us yet, now is the time. So if you have a venue and a place for us to stay, let's get moving, as we have 3 new presentations for your senses to take in!

Please pass the message to all people in Scotland who you know that the events have been postponed.


David Ophalus and Richy Landry
"They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as truth, rather than truth as authority." Gerald Massey

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