Lecture - The Dangers of Genetically Modified Food

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This guy tears the fda a new one (7min to 15+min marks)

This lecture by Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, summarizes the contents of his book, which explains the health dangers of genetically modified foods, and the industry cover-up, control of Congress by the revolving door special interests /
FDA that control it now and put out things like GMO foods



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Alright we are living with the results as we speak and most people don't realize it or what it means. But I've been thinking of it for years now.
The meats that we eat are given chemicals and vacines to keep them healthy but also to stimulate growth in order to meet the needs of our populace. The females give birth and the new generation recieves thier own shots of vacinations on top of what was inherited from the parents. When we eat this meat do you think that the chemicals are no longer there to affect us out of ignorance? We are affected and it shows in our populace becomming bulkier and termed fat over the past few generations. Citizens that are physcially healthy yet large even when they eat less by dieting because they are made to feel selfconscious over our governments manipulation. Or has no one noticed a few months ago when milk started being advertised as being chemical free=implying that the cows the milk came from were raised without recieving growth hormones or 'health' shots. Why would that have to be advertised if it wasn't a problem or possible cause of something else the fda would rather we be ignorant of. So they give us a choice without real information while still it's business as usual.
Another example of the the fact that we have been ingesting the same things they feed our food source unawares besides that we are getting larger not just because of an idolent livestlye encouraged would be the way our children develop earlier and earlier physically. Who ever heard of a two year old getting breasts, a seven year old getting thier period for the first time. The chemicals that they have given the lifestock affects us too.
The chemicals but into foods to preserve them for comsumers are a different poison altogether. Yet if they are only now acting aware of the effects of the injections on our live food source it stands to wonder what the overall effect of eating foods with preservatives in a long term situation over the value of foods that are fresh and not chemically treated with presevatives and hormones.

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^ so what you think,
they trying to make 6'8" giant mutant super soldiers for the fourth reich, or what?

check this out its even more or just as F'd up.

documentary aired on French television - a documentary that Americans won’t ever see. The gigantic bio-tech corporation Monsanto is threatening to destroy the agricultural biodiversity which has served mankind for thousands of years.

Controlling Our Food

full link - other similar docu's on sidebar.
http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid= ... ies&hl=en#
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