Leon Panetta: man behind killing of Osama Bin Laden

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PostThu May 05, 2011 3:43 am » by Sid2011


HE'S the boss of the most secretive government organisation in the world - the US's Central Intelligence Agency - and Leon Panetta has finally got his man.

Mr Panetta played a key role in the killing of Osama bin Laden, despite being half a world away from the action - at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

Keep reading: http://www.whatsondalian.com/news-734-c ... laden.html

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PostThu May 05, 2011 4:15 am » by Boondox681

what he said.

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PostThu May 05, 2011 4:25 am » by domdabears

jesus christ.
That guy could smoke a cigarette in the rain without using his hands and it wouldn't get wet.

the nose on that MF


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PostThu May 05, 2011 7:31 am » by Epicfailure

xaaj99k wrote:pics or it didnt happen..stfu

what he said x2

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PostThu May 05, 2011 9:26 am » by Ohj33bus

I love that everyone (even the MSM) isn't buying this shit. Story time..... I was in Afghanistan in 2002 serving with the marines at the re-taken U.S. Embassy (abandoned in the 80's) and I remember over hearing DEA, Secret Service, FBI, and CIA agents talking about the Tora Bora mission that took out OBL and they couldn't recover the body because of the terrain you would have had to go through to get it. I am positive that they would have known then if they got him or not. So all this is rather funny to me because for once I am 99.9% sure they are caught in a lie.
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