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nyarelathodep wrote:Thats a far better way of saying it, and on that I can agree for the most part. Evolution on a spiritual level is a choice, and demands effort...sometimes in vast amounts. I believe there are children being born now in increasing numbers who are having an easier time of it, and this is based upon the increased exposure to photon emmissions/cosmic energy comming into earth more and more. I have felt this myself, and continue to feel it escalating, but you need to be open to this, just as you have to make a conscious effort to awaken and balance your chakras. Ask and you shall recieve, indeed. The parents of these children (of the sort that you describe) probably grasp the concept of letting children be receptive to their imaginations and to not let the right brain dominate and quash intuition, but thats of little use if it is not balanced with some modicom of discipline and self-responsibilty. Have you felt anything of the increasing energy levels in the last few months?

To be perfectly honest with you, yes. I've felt something. What it is, I don't know. Was talking with some folks in a prior post who believe increased sunspot activity is responsible. Mostly, I have been in an extra amount of pain. Also, insomnia, and an overall sense of something just off. I'm not the only one other people have had the same things.
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