List of qualifiers for objects of intelligent life

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PostThu Jul 08, 2010 1:57 pm » by Funnyman46

In reviewing some of the threads here I thought it might be nice for all of us to determine a list of qualifying questions to use in determining the validity of some of the posts or material.
I think there must be at least a few simple rules to determine the validity of anything claimed as interligent life;
1) Does it show control of some intelligent form?
2) Does it have anything identifiable that marks it as such? (animal or machine)
3) Is in in focus?
4) Does it react to the surroundings? (or go in a straight line as in a gravity fall)
5) Is it/could it be manmade
6) Is the subject in question part of the apliance in photo/video (parachute straps)
7) Is the video longer than 5 seconds (Why someone who thought they were videoing a UFO would stop the camera in such a short time when most of us would let the camera roll until it's dead in order to get the shot. This tells me they viewed the video and then decided it was a UFO in order to claim some fame or attention after the fact)
8) What was the frame rate of the camera?
9) What do we know of the one (person) doing the filming?

Would anyone else care to elaborate on this list? It would help some of the new members in thier investigations before posting less than desirable material to the sight. :help:
It is my wish for this site to get back to where is used to be and this simple list would help eliminate some of the National Enquirer type listings.
Sometimes, simple is better

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