Living Earth (Gaia)

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PostTue Aug 11, 2009 9:22 pm » by Drextin

concrete wrote:
drextin wrote:Wanted to start a new thread so we won't take over the earthquake one.

Just a thought.............maybe the secret to life in the universe is that you must have a living planet. If planets can be living organisms then it begs the question if all other life we have seen planets as well? Is Earth just the surviving sibling from a litter of planets?

If our planet is a living organisim with a conciousness we can never comprehend. Does that make us a virus? All take, no give.
For the sole purpose of just being able to do it?

I have no idea about the consciousness part.........but I would think that every living thing on earth is vital to its health. Of course like a disease we have gone rogue and started killing i would think we are more like bacteria than a virus. We can be good for the planet and then we can turn around and attack it.

Perhaps the antibiotic the earth will use to rid its self of this terrible disease comes in the form of volcanoes and earth quakes with a little global warming on the side.
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PostWed Aug 12, 2009 6:26 pm » by Drextin

concrete wrote:
drextin wrote:... with a little global warming on the side.

Al Gore global warming? Or real global warming?

I suppose to keep the bacteria in check, the earth could just start a new ice age.
Keeps the bacteria from multiplying.

Not Al Gore global warming. More like pole shift global warming. Cold places get warm......warm places get cold. Its been said to be the earth's natural recycling process.
I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking
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PostThu Aug 13, 2009 4:47 am » by Slith

It's a natural cleansing process for any living entity. Like having the shits for a week to get rid of food poisoning

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PostThu Aug 13, 2009 6:08 pm » by Savwafair2012

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PostThu Aug 13, 2009 7:15 pm » by Indicadubman

In all thing there is purpose there would'nt be any point otherwise.
What is our purpose I hear you cry ?
The answer to that only you yourself can answer as what we do directs the intention ,but IMHO we are the keepers of this planet although many have gone in the opposite and become destroyers of it instead.
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It is not hard to see how we have been corrupted through the age ,and it is up to us to make the change , at the rate of consumption we do not have a lot of time left .
For all of you who have young uns or plan to ,ask yourself what will there be left when they reach your age ?
We have a responsibility to react and repair the damage that has already been done by our fore bearers.
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PostMon Aug 17, 2009 6:38 am » by Elmajiko

ALright G havent posted i a while but well here goes my vision.

THe planet in my eyes is alive bc u can feel it when u try to and hear it if u listen. Look magma is the planets blood bc it flows and the core its the planets heart cuz it pumps it around. Oil is the planets shit. Which is the decompisition of plants and animals that where onece on the surface of the planet, what is human and animal shit the decompisition of plants and animals we eat,. Everything shits, poisonous gases, u make the connection. Oil is the planets shit. Trees are like the lungs of the planet. Now this is where it get wild. water is the coolent for the earth brain the fuel of life.

The human brain goes through billions of thought through out a life time and through our his/hers life she has to gather the thoughts a create a life for his or her self.
Imagine us being those thoughts instead of being energy they are materialized to a more complex evolved state of earth consciousnes, cuz dont froget the earth is bigger than us. I know this might seem far out there but think about it.
Now imagine if everyone on earth through out history and know was a thought and u look at the pplanet today ask your self what kind of a person would the planet be.
Imagine looking at the planet from a birds eye view, I do it through meditation and I always see it, its the onlyy way I see it. A human can never succeed unless he gatheres what he has learned and usses it to the best of his ablities to live. Its what we do. When we dont we struggle and fuk things up.
A living ecosystem.

SO In my eyes the planets is alive and more then anyone of us, think big, and u wont ever see it unless u open your eyes and look= OUTSIDE OF THE BOX = THE INFINATE BOX


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PostMon Aug 17, 2009 6:45 am » by Elmajiko

Oh ya by the way Oil just sits there just like shit and u also got to think the planet should be taking massive shits.

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PostMon Aug 17, 2009 6:49 am » by Elmajiko

Drex why is the planet not helalthy think oabout it u sit in a room where someone is lightting shit on fire and see how u feel.

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PostMon Aug 17, 2009 8:48 am » by Darrylmckay

Drex, please dont name a topic "Gaia" anymore, it tends to bring out the hippys, and god knows they dont need any encouragement to poke thier little hippy heads up.

Fair dinkum its getting like a woodstock revival around here.

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PostMon Aug 17, 2009 1:44 pm » by Dazfromoz

So getting back to the oil being earths blood... I v'e read that crude oil is not native to the planet at all. It was deposited here as a result of an asteroid collision quite a ways back and leached its way underground over time after being transfered from the asteriod.


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