Living Earth (Gaia)

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PostFri Aug 21, 2009 7:22 am » by Elmajiko

Mug sorry I cant pm u bc its locked for me.

My outlook on the holy spirit is that its an interpitation to waht a refer to as enrgy, an intelgent force that binds everything, that exists in other frequencies. whick we can not see with our physical eyes. the quote u stated would make sense if u look at it in the form that if this energy or spirit if taken away would perish all bc to me it controls and operates everything. Like a a driver is to a car, To me the energy is to a body, cuz to me our body is nothing more then a biological machine useed by this enrgy to accomplish whatever it needs to do, wether we are doing what it is meant to I dont know maybe that is something we are here to find out but I honestly dont know. What I think though is that it connects everything. Without it we are fuked call it whatever u want but at the time it something we should know its there and are trying to find out what it is and its purpose or at least I am. I had this whole other post to right u but the comp froze on me and I started typing in a weird text type so it pissed me offf sorry if Im cutting it short.

If what im typing doesnt make sense ill break it down for u when I get home.
The spirit is enrgy that binds us all but to specifically say what it is and does, I think we aare not there yet all we can do is acknowledge it being there and to respect it.


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PostFri Aug 21, 2009 7:54 am » by Mugenroshi8

Thank you! I will try to PM you, and see if I can respond that way. You explained it very well and I definitely get the message my friend. Thank you for taking that time, and I'll try to PM you tomorrow, I would love to hear your views on a lot of related subjects!

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PostWed Sep 23, 2009 10:22 am » by Liberal

I did not read the whole thread Drex...

I am gonna say this: I am a creationist. I believe in a divine hand behind it all. All things exists, and come into existence, because they must.

I could go all way ass deep with this, and I know that many, many, many, people will disagree with me. That's cool, each to his/her own. This is my belief.


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