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PostThu Oct 20, 2011 11:36 pm » by Iamthatiam

edgarrothstein wrote:Actually, Sinhas did a half-ass job here.

They're Slobinists (, much more than cultural anthropologists.

I hate that. It's almost like if i'd write a treatise on nuclear physics.

If they were cultural anthropologists, they'd ask the Tribe about their diet, hallucinogenics they most probably traditionally ingest, etc, etc.
Time-altering drugs, such as Virola, is an integral part of a social life for a lot of Amazonian tribes in Rondonia.

Then, Sinhas never explained does this phenomenon apply only to grown male tribesmen, or women and children as well, since women are not allowed to ingest hallucinogens.

"The team hypothesises that the lack of the time concept arises from the lack of “time technology” – a calendar system or clocks – and that this in turn may be related to the fact that, like many tribes, their number system is limited in detail."

This is where they are wrong, in my honest opinion.

That tribe don't have the "lack of the time concept" at all.

Sergey Meyen's concept ot time says that the time is the variability of real objects. It's called Typological Concept of Time.

Now, Sinhas in their treatise "Mixing and Mapping: Motion, Path and Manner in Amondawa", conclude :

"A. Path-conflating motion verbs include the following (NB the verb stem is
obligatorily prefixed for person and number):
-ho : go/exit
-hem : exit
-xi : enter
-jupin : ascend/climb
-jym : descend"

"Path-specifying postpositions are obligatory in all but basic motion constructions in Amondawa,
so that the fully specified motion construction, including the postposition, is the
only way to express motion in relation to a Ground"

So isn't that a paradox : their language does include path-conflating motion verbs (and motion is conceptually related to progression in place and in time) but they don't have the concept of the time?

WTF?! :badair:

It's utter nonsense to say that someone (with the exception of drug ab(use), Asperger syndrome, Parkinson, and/or some other illness) lacks the concept of time.

They should've say : "yeah, they do have a concept of time, but it's a bit different than ours."

And i'd say : "they perhaps don't have a metrical sense of time, for whatever reasons. But they do have a time memory, a memory of time when a certain event occured."

Time is unreal. Period.

Rant over.

Thanks for the brick on the head about it Ed :peep:


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