LMAO! WHAT?! Bin Laden "Not" responsible Dec. 25th Attack

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Never mind the double speak in the Title of the article, you can see for yourself that the front man and mastermind for Al Qaeda somehow had no ties to the attacks claimed by another member of Al Qaeda ( Crotch Bomber ). How could Osama Bin Laden not have known about another terror attack on the American Public almost mirroring the same style of attacks that took place on flight 93? ( The only flight that officially had a bomb according to "passengers on flight 93", that was later dismissed as no evidence to declare there was such an explosive.) ( because it was shot down)

I sense the Exit of our Boogeyman over a good period of time.

U.S. plays down bin Laden link to plane attempt
Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:06pm EST

http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6 ... liticsNews

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Osama bin Laden's claim of responsibility for the December 25 bombing attempt on a U.S.-bound airplane was a grab for "reflected glory" and not a sign he was behind the plot, a U.S. official said on Monday.

In an audiotape aired on Al Jazeera television on Sunday, a man purporting to be the fugitive al Qaeda leader praised the Nigerian man accused of the Christmas Day bomb attempt and vowed more strikes at the United States.

Daniel Benjamin, the U.S. State Department's coordinator for counterterrorism, said it was not likely that bin Laden was directly involved.

"He's doing what for bin Laden is a tried and true strategy, kind of associating himself with it and in that way sort of trying to get some of the reflected glory of the moment, if you can call it that," Benjamin told a news briefing.

"Bin Laden's been trying to put his fingerprints on just about everything that's happened for years, and in that regard I think we're kind of used to it."

The Yemen-based regional wing of al Qaeda has said it was behind the December 25 attempt to blow up the plane as it approached Detroit. The botched attack and subsequent threats in Yemen prompted Sanaa to declare an open war on the global militant group within its territory.

Yemen has launched a series of air strikes targeting al Qaeda leaders since then and has declared that some top leaders including Qasim al-Raymi and Ayed al-Shabwani have been killed. Al Qaeda denies this.

Defense and counterterrorism officials say Washington has been quietly supplying military equipment, intelligence and training to Yemen to destroy suspected al Qaeda hide-outs.

Benjamin said Saudi-born bin Laden -- whose ancestral homeland is Yemen -- and other top al Qaeda leaders were likely in touch with the Yemeni faction but not directly controlling it.

The relationship "is probably tighter than it is between al Qaeda senior leadership and any of the other affiliates. But that doesn't mean that there was command and control by any means," Benjamin said.

"We would characterize the role of the senior leadership in this context as being mostly about broad guidelines, general targeting priorities, things like that," he said.

(Reporting by Andrew Quinn; editing by David Alexander and Mohammad Zargham)

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Osama didin't even know the fools name. :flop:
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savwafair2012 wrote:Osama didin't even know the fools name. :flop:

Osama sure knows a lot ( and doesn't) for being a dead guy. I wish they would tell us how they massage his vocal chords to make it sound like he is speaking.

maybe some type of vocal vaccum that vibrates the passages? who knows.

or maybe something like this:

Upload to Disclose.tv

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PostMon Jan 25, 2010 11:59 pm » by Whaleylakeufo

We need to remove the Bill of rights and lock up all citizens , only then will I feel safe from the boogyman.

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