Lockerbie: The Pan Am bomber and Demonic ritual conspiracy

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Lockerbie: The Pan Am bomber

Lockerbie and Demonic ritual conspiracy

The masonic connections which in synchronicity with other shenanigans which screams of Demonic ritual

Symington Parish Church

Symon Lockard, flourished in the reign of king Malcolm [reign: 1153-1165] and that of king William [William the Lion, reign: 1165-1214] and was a considerable proprietor of lands in the shire of Lanark. [Douglas' Baronage]

Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland

There is a village in Lanarkshire also named Symington, which states in its’ “History of the Symington Name,” “It is formed from a combination of two words, Symon’s Town, Symon being the son of one Locard, now Lockhart, a Fleming who came to Scotland and had the district which bears his name conferred upon him by King William the Lion or his predecessors.”

Valley, Symington, Lanarkshire, Scotland

In a charter of a donation to the abbacy of Kelso, by Wicius de Wiceston, of the church of Wiceston, Symon Lockard is a witness, in or before 1164, in which year the bishop died. [Douglas' Baronage]

Kelso Abbey Ruins, Kelso, Scotland

Symon Lockard had the honor of knighthood conferred upon him by king William [William the Lion, reign: 1165-1214], which appears by a donation he made to the said abbacy of Kelso. This is confirmed by Joceline, bishop of Glasgow, who was in that fee from 1174 to 1199. [Douglas' Baronage]

King William the Lion reigned Scotland 1165-1214, and founded Arbroath Abbey, a Tironensian monastery, in 1178. His grave is located within the grounds and ruins of Arbroath Abbey at Arbroath. ... of-record/

William the Lion granted the charter to raise Dumfries to the rank of a Royal Burgh in 1186. Dumfries was very much on the frontier during its first 50 years as a burgh and it grew rapidly as a market town and port. ... _Annandale



Grave of William the Lion at Arbroath Abbey
It only takes that one person to go missing for the world to become empty

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