London Zion 2012 Olympics and the Khazars

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PostSat Oct 01, 2011 4:14 pm » by Frutty

Deception in life is nothing but a lie reduced to practice

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I don't know about the Olympics, especially because I don't think they're afraid to change things up when they see people figuring things out, but it very well could be - it's live television around the world and they are consumed by narcissism on a daily basis as it is. I do, however, believe firmly in that this is what's on the way. The only hope is that the Sun, the true Son, will keep awakening people. They do everything they can to chemically cover it up, and it sends CMEs hear to wash them out. They even try to cover its reflection off of the Moon at night, and it still breaks through and people are still waking up everyday. The masses bought it hook line and sinker last time, but 10 years of repression, war and suffering has hardened a cynic even into the most "American" of us. They're going to have a war on their hands this time, and many will bow down and worship the false son and turn against their brothers, but the end of this age is written in our DNA and those who align themselves with the teachings of the Sun, the true Son of God, will always emerge victorious. Our collective power is infinite and invincible.

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