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PostFri Oct 21, 2011 5:07 pm » by Eliakim

symbolon wrote:
If U put one hand between the other creating a latice, you have six, the points of the star of David. The natural formation is for the little feminine fingers to be at the top and the masculine thumbs to be underneath and they create two pyramids.

Then turn it over what do U see? I see eight trunks of the elephant and the elephant as the most spiritual wisdom. Eight is also the CHET and 8 is the symbol of infinity.

Then you have the two thumbs that create the cross, that is the mark in the ancient pictographs. The thumb is to do with the will of the LORD God. Hence why he would like you to understand the signs in your hands.

When you turn your hand over, with fingers enclosed you are left with two thumbs, like two pillars.

Well, put me in an oven and roast me for 15 minutes, if that's not the most important thing i've ever heard!! I can finally sleep at night. :headscratch:

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Now read your signature and see if you can integrate it.

Love beyond measure is the Alpha of divine love.

Then the real journey begins, all the rest was prep.

Then the day comes when the light of love that you have become, overwhelms the path at your own feet. When you truly come to know how powerful you are, you live in true humility of it, because you understand its co-creation to heal and help the people.

The arm of the LORD was revealed exactly as Prophet Isaiah predicted it would be.

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PostFri Oct 21, 2011 5:17 pm » by Kaarmaa

I was blind but now I see...you really have been blessed Eliakim :flop:


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