Looking for justice will kill you

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I`m not in a position to watch the uploaded video right now, my appologies, but it`s a great title and this sub-forum needs more active threads so I thought I`d type a little reply.

I`ve always thought justice was a lie, or a made up word you could say... For example the great bumper sticker that reads something like "we teach our children that killing people is bad by killing the people that kill other people."... I mean seriously... I don`t even kill bugs because it doesn`t make me feel right (initiate auto-flaming), but what is "justice" other wronging those whom have wronged.

what "justice" is there to be had in violence, imprisonment, and torture? If we were smart about things, we would educate our prisoners (if we were smarter we wouldn`t have prisoners in the first place, but I`m not going to jump that far ahead). teach them morale conduct, have vast teams of psychologists come up with fancy new ways to measure their progress in kindliness and forgiveness. find out what it is that makes you feel good when you help someone else, or what egoic defence mechanism exists that seems to be denying that pleasure in so many people, and how to do away with it.

"justice" is just one of those "words" like "patriot" or "terrorist" we use it to label and dismiss the horrible actions we take onto our fellow man because we are not wise enough to handle those sick in the mind.
To realize that you do not understand is a virtue;
Not to realize that you do not understand is a defect. -Lao Tzu

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