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PostTue Sep 06, 2011 6:25 pm » by Richc

We have two new characters in the next Street Fighter game... :flop:

"Theres A Storm Coming!"

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PostWed Sep 07, 2011 11:47 am » by Allreadydead

giusdude wrote:
eliakim wrote:
thelonefunyun wrote:You've really got to love how everytime a Lord Ra-El post is anywhere, suddenly all the TROLLS come out and say "don't read this, you're stupid if you do, it's all B.S., etc." Do you guys really think that scares people away anymore? Don't you think we are all wise to you by now?

Lord Ra-El has proven that he's divine. Everytime he said he would do a "wrath of God" action, it always came true, and everybody who watches the 11 videos, and looks at the upload dates, can see that I'm telling the truth.

So giusdude, with your drawn on backbone, because I doubt you have a real one, nor would you talk such shit face to face. You and the other government trolls, need to turn it down a little, cause now it's getting way too obvious.

And for the record, that was a video to his church. He was talking to his church about tithing, not soliciting donations from you, but you already knew that, you just thought if you twisted it, it would scare some people away... tsk, tsk.


I have already taken Ra-el's claims and the man apart and he as been judged.

Let's see if he can stand in integrity before me and the eyes of the world.

Bring him to me, bring him here, then we will see who is truly righteous and sent by the LORD God to help humanity.

Can you do that?

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a MESSIAH SHOWDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fight to the last prophecy!!!!!!!!

my money is on eli.
she's crazy, the other dude is just a scammer.
can't beat crazy.

giusdude - that made me LOL - "fight to the last prophecy!!!!!!!!" and your right, my money would be on our eli as well - GO ELI GO!!! :mrgreen:


eli warming up - the other fucker doesn't stand a chance..................


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PostWed Sep 07, 2011 11:59 am » by Kinninigan

Funny because the word "lord" itself is a word the Anunaki brought here, so how can a human messiah be a "lord", and every ancient sumerian god has "lord" in front of there names, and there are alot of gods from ancient babylon.


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PostWed Sep 07, 2011 12:17 pm » by Dukettt

I noted on other Lord Ron-El Jeremiah thread that this dude is after money, fame and pussy. Now this video comes out and pretty much confirms that. money=now he's demanding cash or he will fuck you up?
Fame= get some of that elenin hype to boost ratings. pussy=he kinda says it is ok to fuck anything (bet he does dip his holy wand quite a bit). And that wonky accent? He must be from heaven cos nobody on earth talks like that...
canubis wrote:
a hill goes up not digs itself into a grave newbie.. lol i made the word LOL in 95 on ms CHAT orels ill be saying ROFLMAO fkn n00b

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PostWed Sep 07, 2011 3:42 pm » by Glassjaw667

You have GOT TO BE kidding me. Is this Raymond Elwood guy serious? I agree once again with guisdude, chemically castrate the OP, this shit is getting out of hand.

Eliakim would wreck Mr. Jeremy for two reasons.
#1. She is tapped out of her mind, and he is just a common hustler.
#2. He is overweight, and most crazy jesus-freaks are fairly small and wiry. To paraphrase Smokey from the movie 'Friday', 'You ain't catchin no crackhead.'


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