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PostMon Jan 20, 2014 3:55 pm » by Otomon

Webcat wrote:
Otomon wrote:Here is another video from me, where I talk about human potential and other miscellaneous topics:

Upload to

Expect bigger and better things, what kind of things do you guys want to see?

Webcat wrote:So otto's off to join the 'Lighthouse' commune, complete with cape and eye-patch(?) to understand the ethereal aspects of existence. :look:

Maybe there's some nice young girls there as a bonus. :mrgreen:


Hope he watches out for the Wicked Witch of Reality!

There was! And you know the weird thing is, the day after I met up with an author friend of mine, who came up with a psychoanalisys technique called "Ozcope", which uses the archetypes of the Wizard of Oz for the patient to talk about what is bothering him/her... So the wicked witch of reality actually meant something... That is why I love DTV, I get lots of synchs here!


Nice to see you back from your hiatus!

Upload to



Seahawk wrote:Welcome Back, Otto. :cheers:

Thanks guys! The Dark Lord... wooop woops I mean Light Lord is back!

Interesting take on the story of Oz webcat :cheers:

That story has almost as many interpretations as the bible lol

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PostMon Mar 31, 2014 1:56 pm » by Otomon

Hey yo whats good was good, here is another video I made with my girl Fah Ligth, she came all the way from Thailand to visit me.

Upload to

I been busy working with the "Knowers" of Toronto to help change the system. More and more I see people waking up; a teacher whom would rather be a painter quit her job.... a secretary tired of her job quits and becomes a gardener... and so on, there is just so many examples, people are tired of feeling trapped! And I know this is happening in a global scale... we live in some weird-ass times fo sho...

BTW I may be a guest in Paradigm Shift in the near future :)


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PostMon Mar 31, 2014 2:07 pm » by Skydog

:clapper: Man you are Owning that bongo Otto!
Nice to see you,Good luck if you get on air :flop:


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