Lucifer Was A Man Not A Fallen Angel

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PostSat Feb 12, 2011 7:35 pm » by Allreadydead

saunatonttu wrote:
allreadydead wrote:
saunatonttu wrote:I can't believe someone really takes ancient legends as historical fact

The city of Troy was a ancient legend until it was discovered, then it became fact.

But with religion, you don't need facts or proof, just belief, some believe, some don't.

BTW :hiho: long time member and no postings? :think:

The fact that Troy existed proves that whatever is written about it is true - all the gods and goddesses and all?

It's myth, legend - folklore, which has a historical setting.

cough....emmm, I said the city of Troy, don't add things to the discussion that I never said O.K.! Did I mention that the legends and stories around the city also became fact? - NO just the city............... :roll: :mrgreen:


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