Luigi Padovese Head Cut off By Man Yelling Allah Akbar

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Luigi Padovese Head Cut off By Man Yelling Allah Akbar

In other news you never heard of. Austrian MP Ewald Stadler berates a Turkish ambassador over an incident that occurred in Turkey. The incident in Turkey involved a Catholic Archbishop Luigi Padovese, who was stabbed in the chest 8 times by a Muslim. The Archbishop ran trying to save his life, but his head was cut off by the person, left only hanging on one side by a piece of flesh. The Muslim was yelling “allah akbar” through all of this.

It is notable that in articles about the incident they do not mention that the archbishop’s head was cut off, but I would believe it because the Austrian MP said so before a political meeting. Also they try to claim that the man who killed Padovese was insane, which is a lie because doctors claimed that he was not insane before the murder.

For More Information Check Out:
muslim-child-decapitates-man-due-to sharia law

Video of Austrian MP Ewald Stadler berating the Turkish diplomat

News Report about the murder

Articles about the incident ... oryid=8450

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