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can anyone please let me know about this.
I dont know what these videos hold.
I dont know what how its important.
I dont know if this has to do with UFO

I live 5 mins away on the freeway from this air base.
This McDonald's has been close for less then a year which means the tapes were transported there.

This past Friday, I was driving at 1am on 101 North and was almost home.
I start to notice a light in the sky that resembled a star but was flashing like a plane would, but there is not a single bit of doubt that this was NOT an airplane or a helicopter but i knew the light was coming form around the Air Base area. When I had thought in my head about it being a UFO from an ET and then remembered it being by Moffett the lights went from a slow and graceful falling from the sky to an immediate shift in direction sideways. It left a trail of light kinda like a glow stick would if you move it around fast.

I exited no more then 5 seconds after it went sideways and was exiting to the right in the direction it fled, but it was GONE. PLEASE. anyone see this? anyone know about these tapes and what is on them if they have anything to do with UFO'S

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