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A Liberal Democrat minister has ordered Government lawyers to oppose the right of Christian workers to wear a cross. This is a so-called Equalities Minster, Lynne Featherstone, who is calling on European human rights judges to dismiss claims of Christian workers who have been banned from wearing a cross in the work place.

Well known TV presenter, TV cook, and author, Delia Smith has stepped up into the frontline to defend the Christians human right to wear a cross. She spoke of the 'militant neo-atheists'. ‘There is a running battle going on in the Press, and militant neo-atheists and devout secularists are busting a gut to drive us off the radar and try to convince us that we hardly exist.’ [2]

What is even more incredible is that the 'militant neo-atheists' that Delia Smith speaks of, stand arm in arm with Islam. You find the secularists defending Islam to the hilt.

Lynne Featherstone you have no right to be an Equalities Minister when you do not give others the right to exist in spiritual freedom and independence.

You shall resign Lynn Featherstone, enough, really is enough. You shall leave public office.

You are not above the spiritual law of the cosmos Lynn Featherstone, heavy karma is attracted when a person does not allow others the right to exist.

As the LORD God said 'Those that do not give others the right to exist, do not have the right to exist either.'.

Do you not know that your own body was created in the design of the powerful cross of light?

Lynne Featherstone was shamed in parliament in discussion over a 'hoax email' that she had received.

She said "they need to do more to discover the unearthly monster who sends them out" and that "their cavalier attitude will not do".

Indeed, Lynne can you heal it within? 'Unearthly monster' with the 'cavalier attitude'.

The bible warned you in advance Lynne, you would be judged by your words in this timeline. You see, the Messenger of the Covenant really does exist, the Harp of Faithfulness is here to defend her people in righteousness. The prophets forewarned you what would happen when I arrived Lynne, the Queen of the South would judge you.

Lynne is another millionaire sitting in a seat of power, that denies the rights of the poor to wear what they wish. Does she have any comprehension of the spiritual law of the Jewish prophets? Clearly not.

Time for you to go madam, clearly science isn't your strong point. Otherwise you would know about the science that supports the energetics of the electro-magnetic cross. Of course, those that have truly been led by the Holy Spirit were given the Sacred Cross and there are many of them.

Teshuvah Lynne Featherstone, teshuvah.



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PostMon Mar 12, 2012 7:20 pm » by Tuor10

Another traitor for the noose! There is a growing list of them.

The liberal party is full of Dhimmis traitors, feminists, and the worse kind of self loathing scum, who besmirch and dishonour our heritage with their pathetic ideology that is based on whole sale appeasement - and a loathing towards the native traditions of the indigenous population.

Our land was once populated by hero's:

Upload to

Spoken in the true tongue of Englishman.

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