Magna Carta

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We've been tricked, duped and rused. It may have been the divine and the concept of 'maya' or reality veiled in illusion so that an adventure of sweet revealing could take place in which we all are invited to take part in the exploration of what it all means (curiousity the flag).

Or perhaps it was 'sinister' elements, who toyed with our DNA, limited our capacities in deceptive beliefs that, over aeons of implementation (sometimes through cunning manipulation and sometimes by the brutal oppression of the sword), have now distorted our collective awareness and made us play small ball in tragic relentlessness. Whatever the origin is however intriguing, my primary goal is to take part in that revealing, which in my experience has always been about revealing more love power, more shining magic of the soul (telepathy, empathy, energetic healings, vibrational possibilities etc.!).

There's so much to uncover, actualize and express in the infinite wield of the essence of life and to be human is a blessed blessed thing for we understand this whole evolution, somehow, someway, and can actively participate. In the great reclaimation of imagination as a force of co-evolution visioning (not mere fantasy foraying), we are bursting beyond pre-conceptions, leaping over antiquated beliefs with giggles of vibrant enthusiasm and taking flight in the magics that burn in our fingertips. I have no idea what we, humanity, are anymore. And that is one of the most beautiful revelations.

I feel a new knowing bloomin' that is so deep with purpose and power that I am overwhelmed and want to weep with joy each time I see another sister or brother. Let us support each other in this great revealing, being tolerant and playful as we at times make clumsy assertions, and help carry the burdens when the great cosmic drama is seemingly too much to bear.

I am here to help with this, to tickle truth out of us all so it can danced and made aligned with desire, embracing all the light AND the dark, hunting the demons with invitations to the great family reunion of all creation, no more conflicts allowed because this embrace just makes it futile. This love, you see, will destroy all hatred, all fear, all attempts at war and with-holding. Let's get one'd