Magnetic Power Generator

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i was bouncing an idea around my head,Perpetual Energy.
ive been thinking on making a device similar to these but way different hopefully my idea
is not someone elses.i think my idea would work.but .... i dont know if i wanna spit it out yet in case it hasnt been done yet and the idea is no longer mine.
so what are your thoughts on Perpetual Energy? there is a conspiracy here for sure read the rest of the article.

Isaac Newton played with the Magnetic Power Generator idea in the late 1600s. Since then, many Scientist including Albert Einstein have looked at the concept of using Magnetic Power Generators as an alternative power source. Magnets when placed correctly show potential of an alternative power source by the positive and negative rules of attraction and repulsion. The problem has always been friction, the loss of power to friction plus the power required to generate the magnetic field resulted in more energy going in than the energy coming out.
rest here: ... ratorsite/
i don't speak dumbfu@k and i don't understand it either!

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PostFri Dec 31, 2010 3:45 pm » by Noetic

these guys figured it out and they are selling it,go check out their site,also check out their youtube link,there are instructional videos on things like basic and advanced electrical enginerding.
patent pending lol

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