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Upload to

And nutrition is an everyday factor in your health and well being. How you live your life, and what you eat has an impact on your health, on your brain and moods, and on your future. You have to respect your body.

That doesnt mean that you should only eat seaweed and tofu everyday and be a crazy vegetarian. Nothing wrong cheating once in a while, as long
as you mostly eat healthy most of the week and of course there is a line you have to set.

There are stuff that you just cant allow yourself to buy. Products with aspartame. Meat with soy and preservatives. Ice cream with 6 preservatives, like ice cream can get bad....being frozen all the time. Sodium fluoride too.

Todays video is all about making fruti juice at home and comparing to store bought juice. Is it better? Is it cheaper? The short answer is yes. Commercial products are supposed to be cheaper and better, since the companies get fruits in bulk at premium prices, and they have machines and scientists knowing all about juice and taste.

But thanks to greed, market manipulation and conspiracies you will find that most juice in the store is worse then what you can make home in 15-30 minutes. it is more expensive, the vitamins are long dead from pastiorization alone, while water is added, bad for the health sweeteners are added, amongst them high fructose corn syrup and dangerous chemicals too. When you buy juice from the store you are basically drinking water and high fructose corn syrup + some fructose syrup from the fruit, because thats all that remains after the vitamins die.

Without loosing anymore time lets start with the possible ingreidents we can use to make juice at home. We are obviously going to avoid GMO fruits and try to buy them from the local farmers market while asking what pesticides are being used on them. Keep in mind there are pesticides now based on sodium fluoride. Yes, even though you avoid tap water they will still try to poison you with fruits for trying to be healthy. Who is they? I dont know, i presume rich evil zionists.

Carrots and Apples are always cheap. Of course you can buy fruits in their seasons when they are cheap and then bottle them and boil the bottles preserving them until opened. What would that do to the vitamins? Not sure, i think it will kill some of them, i always go for the drink the juice fresh, but if i have to choose between store juice and juice i have bottled myself, i would trust me.

Watery fruits like oranges make smaller ammounts of juice because you cant really add water to them, it will ruin the taste even if you sweeten them. Carrots and apples for examples are great for adding water. Not only are they cheap but you can make a lot of juice for a dollar only without ruining the taste.

The blueprint for juice we are going to be using is pick a fruit, add some water and honey or sugar. Blend and stir in a bottle. Drink.
Thats pretty much it. You have fresh juice with all the nutrients.
But wait theres more! Think of all the uses for juice. What if you add herbs? What if you make your juice that has other effects?
What if you can use your juice to detox from heavy metals.
Or to use it to boost your testosterone and fertility.
thats why you see all these weird ingredients in the video.
Because i am not satisfied with normal juice. I am an inventor type.
So now we are going to talk about making special juice.
I all ready said how to make juice at home easily, just put fruit, water and honey or sugar in the blender and then strain.
now lets talk about improving it.

What you see on the top of the videos are ingredients you can use.
Different sweeteners, different herbs. We are not going to use all of them. There are many other ingridients that you can use.
The example recipe i have given in the middle of the screen is a juice targeting sportists and bodybuilders. Is it also good for detox.
I will explain that later. On the bottom of the screen you see all the ingredients you will find in this example juice. They come from the fruit content alone, i havent listen the chemicals in tribestan and liquorice.

now lets start talking about the fruits we can use.
Carrots have a lot of vitamin c and beta carotene, great for the eyes.
Oranges are not that high on vitamin c as grapefruits but they are all right. Apples are a great fruit, especially for their pectin.
Shall we look into some alchemical insight for the fruits.
Carrots carry masculine energy that is said to increase fertility and
dispel illusions. They are of the fire element.

Let me tell you just how important food is for your body and how it can affect it. Listen to max heindel.
Compare the action on the bowels of such foods as eggs, and meat and cheese, which are almost totally assimilated and leave no coarse bulk to cleanse the bowels after a meal has been digested, with such vegetables as legumes (used sparingly), turnips, carrots, celery, onions, etc., which contain every element found in flesh and in addition the, to health, indispensable bulk composed of coarse fibrous matter which alone can sweep the intestinal tract, clear off all deleterious products of waste and leave the system in a healthy condition.

Apples are the fruit of the gods. It encourages balance and harmony.
If cut horizonally the apple reveals the pentagram pattent symbolizing the quintessence. In the middle ages sliced apples were used to foretell
the future and eating them regularly was said to eanble a person to lover 200 years. Modern clinical sudies have proved that eating apples
reduces cancer risk.

as for Oranges, europeans believed they encourages love health and happyness. all varieties or oranges provide purifying energy for both body and mind. orange peel tea is said to keep one from getting drunk or muddleheaded. the vitamin c in citrus fruits raises the brains level of norepinephrine which increases energy while reducing irritability.

This information was taken from Dennis William Hauck's book alchemical properties of foods. And it was published in 1998. I seriously want to endorce people to read that book. The author definetly deserves people buying his book and you will learn much from it compared to giving money for twilight or dan brown's lost symbol you imbeciles.

But i doubt you can find it in paper, if you cant but you really want to read it, you can always just download it illegaly. I mean the author wants people to read and talk about his book.

And some other info from his book

Licorice root is said to make people who eat it more potent lovers. It is known to soothe
sore throat and elevate blood pressure, which is why modern herbalists prescribe it to
help people stop smoking

What the book says about sugar is that it is used to dispel evil influences and to preserve and enhance the qualities of many foods.
It loses its magical powers when it is refined.
In order to protect the ferineries at one time they even banned raw cane sugar in the united states. Thats how much your government wants you to be sick and weak you goyim.

Shall we quite what max heindel said about raw cane sugar?
The health of Negroes becomes greatly improved during the sugar-cane harvest time, notwithstanding their increased labor. This is attributed solely to their fondness for the sweet cane-juice. The same may be said of horses, cows, and other animals in those localities, which are all fond of the refuse syrup fed to them. They grow fat in harvest time, their coats becoming sleek and shining. Horses fed on boiled carrots for a few weeks will get a coat like silk, owing to the saccharine juices of that vegetable. Sugar is a nutritious and beneficial article of diet and contains no ash whatever.

So what did we learned? That carrots have natural sugar, as fruits have natural fructose sugars. That is very different then eating refined white sugar or even worse aspartame.
We also learned that unreined cane sugar and fruits are a great source of energy way better then refined sugar and artificial sweeteners for your body. Here is a joke, think of all them niggers living in the jungle. They only eat fruits and sugarcane. Are they fat?

Now moving onto the other ingredients for our juice.
You will need some nice water. Not that american tap water with sodium fluoride and lithium. Note sodium fluoride is not the natural mineral fluoride but a cocktail of industry waste chemicals and is listed as the only ingredient in rat poison. Hitler also put sodium fluoride in jews water in the camps. Cause we all know hitler wanted the jews to have nice strong teeth and bones.

You can easily find spring water, get it for free from a spring or just buy it. You can get distilled water from the pharmacy.
Or if you are lucky and your water is not fluoridated you can just use tap water.

I am also going to add a big dash of chopped cilantro to my juice because carrots and cilantro are great for puryfing your blood and helping you against dandruff/seboreya and itchyness. At least this is what my skin doctor sayd. Cilantro and chlorella is also great for detox of heavy metals i hear. I am not going to go crazy with sources here as this video is about juice. If you want to know more about the effects of some fruit or herb or dont believe me, google, read what different sources say, decide for yourself. Just keep in mind that the FDA says fluoride and aspartame arent proven to have bad side effects, so if you gonna scream sources and trust what the fda says, you are an idiot.

Since i wanted to make a fitnes juice, i decided to add a dash of creatine. Who knows how would the creatine and the herbal alkaloids react with the fruit juice compounds?

Now what i can tell you about tribestan is that it is a herb that grows in bulgaria and other countries. It raises the testosterone, makes you more potent and sexual. It helps you build muscle and maintain it, meaning not loosing it easily. Only the bulgarian version has the natural steroid like alkaloids though. While the herb is cheap, costing 2 dollars the tribestan from other countries probably wont be as good if at all. Of course never spend money on pill supplements who advertise as tribestan.
since tribestan really releases its chemicals when boiled as tea, since i have to add 3 glasses of water to the fruits in the blender, i just boiled the 2 spoons of tribestan and the spoon of liquorice in one glass of water, and strained the tea into the blender along ith the other 2 glasses of water.
I think that is way better then just throwing a dash of herbs in the blender. I dont think they will release their alkaloids without being boiled for some minutes in water.

Liquorice root is a natural sweetener with a weird taste.
So you can use it to replace sugar or honey. We are talking about the herb in a package, not any pills or tinctures. There are also talks about increasing fertility in women. Liquorice has been found by a chinese scientist to protect the teeth from cavities. The scientist actually invented lollipops. I add it to my juice as a sweetener and because i secretly believe it will protect my teeth from cavities.
But hey, no one is making you add weird herbs to your juice.

I also reccomend you dont take tribestan and liquorice everyday.
You know how fast the body addapts. YOu dont want to effect your natural production of tribestan.

Another sweetener im gonna add is honey. i believe honey is the best sweetener you can use for your juice. Organic, natural honey has all the vitamins and will protect you from colds and viruses. It is just that good. Bees have been collecting pollen from plants for god sake to make this honey. do you know how important that is.
Let us look at an quote from the alcheical book.

Jesus ate honey and fish which represented his purification and rise fromt he depths of darkness. The nectar is sacred to many gods. it is also used o treat indigestion, colds, flu and headaches.

Problem here is that a lot of honey found in US stores is not real honey. It is basically fructose syrup, i wonder if they started adding high fructose corn syrup to it, like honey needs it ahahah.
This is why it is very important to research the honey you are bying, avoid big companies and buy locally from farmers you can trust.
Gotta go for the organic.

So that is for the sweeteners. If the fruits are sweet enough and you dont add a lot of water you dont need to add sweeteners.
And avoid white sugar. If you can find raw canesugar juice i would be so jealous. And why would anyone add stevia when you can add honey or liquorice.

As for straining, you just put the strainer on top of the funnel on top of the bottle and fill it with juice. Then you use a spoon to stir and mash the goo in the strainer until all the juice is in the bottle, and only goo remains. That can take 30 seconds. Then you throw the goo away and repeat sipping juice in the strainer until you have separeted all the goo from the juice. Sure you will loose some vitamins and fiber from throwing the goo away but i still preffer it comapred to store juice.
You can also use the goo for ice cream or cream. Even baby purees.
A lot better then paying for gmo chemical crappy puree for your baby.
Think, please.

The only remaining thing we need to cover is apple pectin.
It is great for detox and getting the shit out of your stomach.
When you buy, look for the ingredients in the pectin. You dont want any shit or sweeteners, you just want pure apple pectin.
It is also a thickener and a very good preservative.
I add it to my juice to make it a bit more smooth and to preserve it for days, and of course for detox.

This is pretty much the whole video. i want everyone to be creative and to make their own juice. Now compare this juice with all its nutrients shown in the bottom of the screen to store brand fruit juice that has all of its vitamins and nutrients dead pastiorized or not, even though they claim the vitamins would stay until you open the box. With dead nutrients you only have remaining water and high fructose corn syrup.
Look at all the possible shit chemicals they may be adding to their juice. If you dont care for your health at least care for the health of your kids. Lastly think why does the carrot juice in the store leave an orange color on the sides of the bottle, while my carrot juice doesnt leave such orange color on my bottle. Is it just from the time, or do they secretly add colors and other chemicals?
You will find it that your home juice tastes more bland, but in time you will love it and feel the store juice taste artificially sweet, a lot more sweet then real juice should be. Just compare the taste of carrot juice homemade and from the store, and compare orange juice too.
It is time to start caring for your body and for the health of your loved ones. Time to take action.

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PostTue Nov 20, 2012 10:30 pm » by Spock

Here's the SHIT I make...



Mostly Kale.


That batch above had carrots in it too - I have stopped using carrots now though.

We make a batch on Sunday and Wednesday or Thursday. Fill up those jugs and freeze them, let one thaw over night for the next day.
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PostTue Nov 20, 2012 11:00 pm » by Oreocannon

shit actually contributed? i dunno, i always though mods just joke around, i was even gonna make a thread suggesting how to improve this forum. im glad!
so its all a vegetable smoothy? must be really healthy. how did you invent it? any special purpose? detox?
i usually make mine from apples or carrots. Red apples turn into goo when blended, green stay like broken ice chunks
green are tastier though, soury

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PostTue Nov 20, 2012 11:09 pm » by Spock

It's a semi-thick juice. We do it for health, and it does make you feel good, except for the starving for a large slice of chocolate cake part.

We use a juicer, so there are no chunks or mush in it, and I use either gala, fuji or red delicious apples. The cucumbers add more sweetness and a LOT of water to the mixture. In each batch i put 8 to 10 bunches of kale since it packs the best nutrients and yields the least liquid, however, kale is extremely bitter, so in each batch I'll put 2 or 3 lemons and a knuckle of ginger which helps to counter that.

All in all it's not bad, it's not good by any stretch of the imagination, but it's not bad either, a sweet kind of grassy taste, and after making it, the front of the house smells like we just emptied the lawn mower in the kitchen.

I'll make other juices too, but this one is the one I drink daily, and I just suck it down quickly. Each of those bottles is a quart, so I drink a quart a day of that stuff.

BTW - I contribute a good bit.
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PostTue Nov 20, 2012 11:16 pm » by Oreocannon

how do you preserve it? how long can it stay in the fridge before it goes? i mean there is lemon in it

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PostTue Nov 20, 2012 11:21 pm » by Slith

Oreocannon wrote:how do you preserve it? how long can it stay in the fridge before it goes? i mean there is lemon in it

If there's lemon added, it will last longer. Cool stuff here

I wouldn't let it go longer than 4 days though

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PostTue Nov 20, 2012 11:41 pm » by Oreocannon

- what kinda plastic is that bottle though? i dont want BPA feminizing me. why not go for glass?
- dont cucumbers taste like shit? i like drinking grass, but i dont like nasty tastes

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PostTue Nov 20, 2012 11:55 pm » by Slith

Oreocannon wrote:dont cucumbers taste like shit

I don't know that flavor. :mrgreen: Elaborate

Indi jump in here!

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PostWed Nov 21, 2012 12:30 am » by Opalserpent

Juice is a bit ambiguous. I drink charlies spirulina juice from the shop now and then for digestion that stuff is pretty good I would think.


I like this JUICE!!!

Image from ... 275&page=2


Besides the benefits of the coca plant one also receives herbal benefits from the cola nut which are documented.

image from:


image from: ... ka-fob.jpg
WOW, good old coke. Image
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PostWed Nov 21, 2012 12:32 am » by Spock

Just try it, that's all I can suggest, and that's the recipe I use. Once I make a batch I freeze all but one, and typically there is only about 4 days worth each (8 quarts in a batch). So it keeps great frozen, then thawed overnight and consumed immediately.
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