Malaysia Airlines: Abduction Alien or Space-Time Vortex?

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832. The ability to black hole a Boeing craft (5/12/2014)

As a matter of fact, it was impossible that a Boeing being hijacked by terrorists because it was equipped with uninterruptible auto pilot system. When such things happened, the pilot would covertly activate the system to alert the ground security service. The odd thing is not much people knew there was such a system existed. Most absurd was that when MH370’s missing became a hot topic, nobody talked about uninterruptible auto pilot system. It became a forbidden area for mainstream media.


Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot ... -h162-p-no

If you doubt me why I concluded that MH 370 case was created by the US intelligence, my reason is pretty simple. Who control uninterruptible auto pilot system? Who have the information of ground radar so MH370 could skirt them?


#MH370 route seems carefully chosen to skirt edges of FIRs (Flight Information Regions).

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roehe wrote:Image
What happened to Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight with 239 passengers on board? Nobody knows anything and the media looking through experts and scientists to provide answers to hypothesis also sometimes absurd, as the spokesman for the company Malaysia Airlines, dr. Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said
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