MAMA Trailer Is Spooky!

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PostSun Sep 16, 2012 6:16 pm » by Andyg2011

Boatman wrote:
Andyg2011 wrote:cheers m8 looks like a good film and my favourite type horror i haven't watched one good enough to make me jump in a while so if u can think of any let me know,btw take a look at this ghost vid its a few years old but worth a look

Upload to

best watched on full screen and a good amount of volume cos its pretty low cheers

It's obvious you didn't think about people with a bad heart did you?. Image

yes sorry about that :peep: i was that intent on embedding the video as i never usually can that i missed that bit out i did think that though as when i messaged it to friends i did write not for anybody with a bad heart
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PostSun Sep 16, 2012 6:28 pm » by Boatman

It's Ok Andyg2011 I haven't got a Dicky Ticker but i bet i one or two that use this forum have :flop: :cheers:


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