Man builds a machine that seems to go on forever

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PostSat Oct 13, 2012 10:03 am » by One-23

Putting aside degradation, it's still an impressive bit of kit

Man builds a machine that seems to go on forever

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PostSat Oct 13, 2012 1:09 pm » by Tjahzi


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PostSat Oct 13, 2012 2:52 pm » by Toxic32

It's fucking obvious where the power is coming from It's gravity. The ring dips in front of the ball as stated in the video so the ball does what balls do and that's it tries to roll down hill. In other words It's in a constant state of falling. Put in board the ISS then see if it works. It wont of course but cause that's doing the same thing trying to fall towards the Earth. Clever idea though can't understand why I didn't think of it first. Gives me an idea though.
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PostSat Oct 13, 2012 3:06 pm » by Elnorel

Actualy the power does not come from the gravity.
The gravity is natural to any and every system here on earth, no matter the design of the device.
No the power comes from magnets.

If you are smart enough in your design, you can acheive 100% efficiency as the mamximum in using the magnets.

BUT If you want to generate power, you need to take some force out of your system, which breaks 100% perfection of your system.
Thus making it 99% efficient and lower.

I agree, compared to commercial apartuses like the car engine that is still alot.
Soo thus you do not have free energy, but CHEAP energy.

Oil lobies fight for dominance each year, automotive conglomerates build more and more efficient engines etc... Still the future is electric.
Because the effifiency of the electric system can go much further than an explosion based device.

Chemical based explosion engine dissipates too much surplus energy as heat to be efficient.
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PostSat Oct 13, 2012 3:32 pm » by Malogg

the design could be tweeked so it ocillates faster
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PostSat Oct 13, 2012 6:57 pm » by Mydogma

Elnorel touched on a point that I think the debunkers like to hang on to..the whole free energy thing....its impossible they say? Maybe maybe not...but everything is impossible unless you expand your mind and try new things..if you don't explore ye shall never find..and that's what the ptb want ...daft acceptance that their way is the most logical..its not....its just the most controlable and can be metered and billed..that's their motive..I think we would all be better served if we quested for "much cheaper and much less damaginging to our environment...if we were to factor in the cost per kw of energy to mankind with the likes of the oil sands...or japans do we factor in the price for the landscape that is now pickled for a thousand years...first step..its always cheaper to consume less at the user end then to try to create a generorator big enough to power our glutonous far as housing is concerenedit has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that heatloads on a home can costeffectivly be cut in half by superinsulating it...its non mechanical and performs for the life of the home..and in the end you have a home that needs half the solar/wind or whatever to run it..detatchment from glutony is detacthment from tthe ptb...this is a link to my compAny that have designed products that can easily do this...but people are green washed to putting solar panels on a big glutonious home and thinking their home is green, or efficient. Visit if curious..we built an eight unit building (over 12000 sq ft)with an entire heatload of 62000 btu..which is the same as a 80's 1200 sq ft bungalow...we can certainly empower ourselves in many ways...
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