Man Claiming Sex with UFO Alien Takes Lie Detector Test

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Man Claiming Sex with UFO Alien Takes Lie Detector Test To Back Up DNA Evidence ... takes.html

Editors Note: The story written here is correct, but the name of the person originally identified was incorrect. That error has been corrected.

The name of Bill Chalker was originally identified in the Canadian article on the subject. The error, unfortunately, got repeated here.

"Your post about this episode is incorrect on one major point. Peter Khoury was the person involved NOT Bill Chalker. I was the researcher in the case. See my book "Hair of the Alien" (2005). And yes Peter Khoury did pass a "lie detector test" about his alien experiences. Could you kindly post a correct along these lines as I see that for example the Candian has uncritically repeated your error.
Bill Chalker

Awhile back I reported on a man that says he had sex with an alien and had the DNA evidence to prove it.

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Man Claims Sex with an ET and Says DNA Tests Back His Story

...A man claims to have sex with an ET. Or at least Australian Peter Khoury thinks he did.

I know it sounds crazy.

But Khoury says he has some very interesting DNA evidence to support his claim.

According to Khoury on the morning of July 23rd, 1992, he was still in bed after his wife went to work. To his surprise, 2 exotic looking woman came into his room. One was blond and the other was dark haired.

Khoury says the blond one tried to romance him, but for some reason he bit her nipple. Then he seems to have gotten a piece of it in his throat. At that point, although Khoury doesn't remember it, he thinks he might have had sex with the blond alien.

He remembers both Aliens leaving.

After Khoury went to the bathroom to clear his throat (he thinks he might have had a piece of her nipple stuck in his throat). He says he had some groin pain and while he was looking at his penis he noticed 2 thin blond strands of hair.....(bodhi thunder)

It turns out he did have some strange DNA.

Instead, though apparently 'human', the hair showed five distinctive DNA markers that are characteristic of a rare sub-group of the Chinese Mongoloid racial type.

A detailed survey of the literature on variations in mitochondrial DNA, comprising tens of thousands of samples, showed only four other people on record with all five of the distinctive markers in the blond hair. All four were Chinese, with black hair....(source: the canadian)

Khoury hair sample was blond. So not only did Khoury have an extremely rare DNA sample but the hair should have been black because of it being of a Chinese Mongoloid racial type.

But the story gets better.

Khoury was asked to take a lie detector test in the documentary "My Mum talks to Aliens" (see the full version below). As the documentary details, he is eager to prove his story.

The results showed that Khoury believed the story he told. In other words he was not lying.

So not only is this amazing story backed up with DNA evidence, but it is also corroborated by a lie detector test.

At first when I heard the Australians bizarre story of sex with an Alien. I thought it was like most other stories. It was just a fantastic story. But I always leave my mind open to what people are claiming. But after following this story for some time. I am convinced that Khoury is telling the truth about his strange sexual encounter.

:flop: vid and comments:

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PostThu Mar 31, 2011 9:30 pm » by Phoenix rising

I'v got a lot of respect for this brave woman, i'v seen this vid before its really good.
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PostThu Mar 31, 2011 9:42 pm » by Tuor10

I am surprised this story is not better known. The guy has evidence to back his story up.

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PostThu Mar 31, 2011 10:04 pm » by Alternateworld

Always makes me wince this one, wasn't the hair sorta caught under his foreskin and burning? It's been a while since i watched this, but i think he needed help getting it removed, yeowzer! :shock: :(

Another one i think is very credible is the foot surgeon guy that removes peoples 'alien' implants. Those things fuckin' move away as he tries to go in after them with his surgical tools! They consist of materials mostly known to man but fused together in ways that's way out of man's current capabilities, or admitted capabilities. Odd shit out there, who knows :headscratch:

Back to the topic at hand, excellent story and good post will be listening for any follow ups...


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