Man suffers demonic hallucinations after taking flu shot

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PostThu Oct 31, 2013 12:21 am » by Caligula

Ok, so I've been researching conspiracy theories online for years now and I came upon this website this morning, telling about this REALLY shocking story about this guy in North Carolina, who got the flu shot. I posted the story here from the website I saw online:

"Thirty-five year old, Michael Davidson lived in Henderson, North Carolina with his fiancee, Tia and his eighteen year old brother, Lucas. On January 13, 2012, Michael went in to his doctor to get the flu vaccine, specifically, he received a flu vaccine....Thirteen days later, Michael was found dead in the woods nearby his home - brutally murdered, mutilated and disemboweled.

On January 13, 2012, Michael went into Henderson Family Medicine Clinic for a routine check-up, while there, he received the flu vaccine. That following night, Michael complained of experiencing frightening, demonic nightmares. Nightmares that according to Tia Davidson, had him "waking up during the night, broken out in a cold sweat, yelling out expletives and fighting wildly in the bed." Tia even reported of Michael running out of their bedroom, yelling and crying hysterically to the top of his lungs - all while in a dream-like state. They were dreams that Tia reported Michael telling her, were nightmares - vivid, frightening, demonic nightmares. The day after Michael received the flu shot, Michael then reportedly began having vivid and frightening hallucinations of violence and murder involving people he did not know. Michael also reportedly was seeing hallucinations of demons and during the hallucinations, he attacked both Tia and Lucas violently on several occasions, and then later he had no memory of his violent actions whatsoever.

The following days after he received the flu shot, he also began experiencing hysteria, where at times, he was afraid to go and/or stay in certain areas of his home, afraid to go outdoors, afraid to be left alone in his home. Michael also began having experiences with insanity, talking to people who were not even in the room with him, walking in repeated circles while mumbling to himself backwards words. All of this, which was not only confusing to his fiancee and brother but also to his best friend, Jesse Robinson, who also viewed a majority of Michael's behavior. Tia Davidson also reported of Michael also having feverish temperatures, sometimes that would go as high as 103 at times and as low as 85 with no explanation why.

In the final two days before Michael's death, it appeared Michael was starting to regain part of his mental stability, his hysteria began increasing as he stated his fears of being killed by what he called were "invisible demons". He also stated his fears of harming Tia, Lucas and Jesse. This was something that was completely confusing to Tia, Lucas and Jesse. During Michael's final two days, he developed severe flu-like symptoms, which included vomiting and he began having homicidal thoughts and on the thirteenth day following Michael's flu vaccination, he reportedly murdered his fiancee, brother, and best friend in his home, then mysteriously, he was found dead in the woods - severely mutilated and disemboweled. To this day, no one has any explanation for Michael's behavior and symptoms."

This came from the website I saw online:

Now THIS makes me even more weary about getting a flu shot. I heard about one woman who took her kid to get the shot and the shot made the kid autistic but THIS? WOW...That's all I can say is - WOW...

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PostThu Oct 31, 2013 2:02 am » by Ishumble

:shock: i have only had that shot once and it almost killed me

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PostThu Oct 31, 2013 2:37 am » by Caligula

After hearing about this story, I'll never get the shot again...I had it two years ago and it made me sick but hearing this story about these people in

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PostThu Oct 31, 2013 3:39 pm » by Slith

Guinea pig/experiment. :hell:

I don't do flu shots anymore either. Last one I got, was 2 years old and had expired

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PostThu Oct 31, 2013 6:23 pm » by Kinninigan


Sounds like a "Diphenhydramine" trip, and it NO WAY is this crap recreational, its one of the most potent drugs around and is available over the counter in any pharmacy

People report seeing everything from "shadow people" to dead relatives on this stuff

Maybe some chemical used in the flu-shot had this kind of effect

you can read more here, also good to know since this is just basic allergy medicine ... nhydramine


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