Mankind's Lost History

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It is the end of an era of ignorance and confusion. The Hegemony of Judaeo-Christian thinking and crackpot influence over what has happened in humanity's distant past. is coming to an end. The idea that the world began 6-8000 years ago is not only laughable but downright ignorant.
Ever since Darwin started the process overturning the idea of all life being suddenly created all at once, information has started to come from many different areas of science, archeology and ancient records supporting Darwin's basic premise. That is: the planet, solar system and universe were far older than was suspected under Judaeo-Christian thought.
Within the last 75 years, convincing data has been revealed to undermine creationist thinking and expose Biblical erratta. Archeology alone is undergoing massive shifts in its' previously held dogma. Conundrums are popping up all over the place. And this process has only just begun. Discpveries at Gobekli Tepe, Yonaguni, undersea constructions near Bimini, Cuba, Donnano-Spain, Cyprus, the Canary islands and at many other less explored and less known off-shore sites of mankind's inhabitations.Now a sunken city, just recently discovered on the south-eastern coast of India, Poompuhar near Talik Sirkal in India's Nagapattinam area indicates new information from possibly as far back as 17,000 years ago. What other secrets lie undiscovered beneath the oceans that were covered by the rising waters of the melting Ice Age? Or destroyed by what seems to be growing evidence of a massive Tsunami over 12,000 years ago.
So much of the struggle than humanity went through to get to where we are now has been lost. Much of this knowledge was destroyed due to the ruthlessness of homogenistic religious fanaticism. But knowledge has a way of revealing itself and at an appropriate time. Even the greatest setbacks to human culture and experience are coming to light. Maybe this is what 2012 will really be about. Humanity will discover that its' true history is far older, much richer and more interesting than the limits placed upon us by heads-in-the-sand thinkers and inflexible "books." 2012 may be a time for humanity to celebrate its great diversity, yet commonality. And that no matter how great you may feel your civilization may be or what it has achieved, records of these accomplishments can be lost as quickly as they are gained.

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